Storage Tips for Small Bedrooms

So, you have a small bedroom… and a lot of stuff. Therein lies a problem. There is a lot to be said for economizing and getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. Nobody wants to have a bedroom that looks like the abode of some mad hoarder, with books, shoes, clothes, and heaven knows what else crammed into every available space. A clear-out can certainly help with that problem. But sometimes, even after all the superfluous stuff has been disposed of, you might look around your bedroom in despair and conclude that it simply isn’t big enough to accommodate everything that you either need or love.

Where do you go from here? Well, it might just be that you are going about things the wrong way. In many cases, the bedroom isn’t actually too small to hold all your stuff, it just requires a little innovative reorganizing to make the best use of all the space. As it happens, there are many innovative products and storage techniques out there that can help you truly economize the space in your sleeping quarters.

The Advantages of Smart Storage

The primary advantage of storing things intelligently is of course that it helps your bedroom look a little less like the contents of a dumpster. Nevertheless, there are in fact many other advantages besides. For one thing, it helps you find things easier, and it can also help with the general cleanliness of your room. This means there are fewer little nooks and crannies in which dirt can collect.

Furthermore, if you have a large shoe collection, organizing that properly can prevent that phantom stink emanating from somewhere at the bottom of an unruly pile of footwear. A well-organized shoe collection means that you can target the smell immediately, making use of a good shoe odor eliminator, like ShoeFresh, to keep your room smelling fresh.

Smart Storage Tricks

So how do you do it? Read on for a handful of innovative storage tricks to help you cram all that stuff into your bedroom – and keep it looking spacious and accommodating.

Make Use of Layered Shelving

What is a room, essentially? It is four walls a floor and ceiling. A great storage trick therefore is to make use of those walls to keep things off the floor. Chances are, there will be nearly unlimited space across your walls, which can accommodate stuff and keep it off the floor. By installing layered shelves, you can make the best use of all that extra space.

Vacuum Pack Unused Clothes

This isn’t just one for the clothes hoarders. In fact, it is a tip for anyone living in a place with distinct seasons. Chances are, you are not going to be using that beach towel or summer dress in the dead of winter, or that furry parka in the heat of summer. By vacuum-packing, you can shrink them to as small as possible and store them at the back of your closet, under your bed, or anywhere else safely out of sight.

Invest in a Wall-Mounted Nightstand

A wall-mounted nightstand, fitting into the corner and above – rather than beside – your bed, is a terrific way to clear up a little floor space. They also look incredibly stylish. And by investing in some wall sconces as well, you can even clear space on your nightstand!

The tips and tricks for saving space in a small bedroom are nearly endless, and you may want to research some more. In any case, one thing is certainly true – your bedroom has more space to offer than you think!

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