Top reasons to live in Monaco

Monaco property broker Fraser Richardson lists the reasons why he thinks Monaco is the best place in the world to live. It is for these reasons why he thinks Monaco’s prime real estate market continues to remain resilient as the most expensive place in the world per square metre. Beating Hong Kong again to the top spot is no surprise given the list of reasons Fraser talks about below. With such high prices, there is no surprise to the amount of realtors operating in Monaco which makes it even more important that you pick a Monaco real estate agency that you can trust to do a good job.

For those that haven’t yet set the hearts on Monaco as their dream location to relocate, here are the reasons from a Monaco real estate agent:

  1. Tax: One of the most characteristics that makes Monaco an place of interest for wealthy people looking to relocate is the benign tax system. This vastly reduces the amounts of taxes people need to pay on their incomes. When moving to Monaco it is worth seeking out legal tax advice to make sure you are doing everything by the book.
  2. Safety: Monaco remains one of the safest places in the world. There is an average of one police officer for every 70 residents, this makes you feel well guarded and allows people to walk with a carefree attitude wearing expensive watches and jewellery.
  3. Climate: near top of Fraser’s list is the climate. With over 300 days of sunshine each year it’s very hard to leave the house feeling glum when you have blue skies and light glinting off the turquoise waters of the mediterranean sea.
  4. Beauty: the aforementioned climate gives rise to some beautiful natural landscapes and a variety of exotique plants and tree species. There are mesmerising coastal walks from Monaco to neighbouring towns of Cap d’Ail and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. You can hire yachts from local towns to take around the coast and enjoy food, drinks and parties.
  5. Real estate: Monaco boasts some of the most incredible new developments in the world. The Mareterra new development is a fantastic land extension that will bring a new park, coastal walk, marina and villas to the Monaco shoreline. There are also developments such as Bay House, a new development of villas and apartments overlooking the Larvotto beach and Villa Palazzino, a beautiful town house in the Condamine.
  6. Business: Monaco has a fantastic economic programme in place that is developing local talent and also attracting technology entrepreneurs from around the world. With the rise in cryptocurrency millionaires, Monaco has become a favourite amongst the newly minted young fintech traders. The government also invests heavily to make Monaco a technology centre of the world. It was the first country to have 5G connectivity throughout and also has smart bus stop where you can even charge your phone.
  7. As a Monaco property broker and estate agent Fraser often is asked about education in Monaco. He is happy to tell the clients that there are a great variety of schooling opportunities, with the International School of Monaco (ISM) being a top choice for families relocated and hoping that their children will then go onto international universities. There is also a fantastic education support company called Modelex that helps tutor children to pass common entrance exams and also links them with private boarding schools in the U.K. such as Harrow and Eton.
  8. Sport: Monaco has some of the finest sporting facilities in the world, they host the annual Diamond League athletics championship and also have a top flight football and basketball team.
  9. Health: Monaco is a very health conscious nation. It provides its residents with outdoor gym spaces and there are plenty of coastal walks to choose from. Gyms are prevalent across the Principality and many buildings have their own private fitness suites.
  10. Socialising: There are many fantastic social clubs in Monaco to choose from when you arrive. From Golf, Tennis, Yachting and Automobile clubs to the Japanese society, Athletics club and the exclusive CREM members club.

With so much to do, what are you waiting for? Contact Monaco estate agent – Fraser today and start making visits for your future home.

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