How can home automation help me save?

Save money by automating your home

In the grip of a cost-of-living crisis, all of us are looking for ways to reduce the impact of rising bills. Whether it’s having the heating on less or keeping our use of electrical appliances to a minimum, every household in the UK is looking to save.

For those with disposable income, a home automation system could be the key to long term savings. Here’s how you can start to save energy – and costs – with the help of home automation installation in Kent, London or across the South East.

Smart heating

In the winter, the vast majority of us need to have the heating on for at least a few hours a day, even if we have to turn it down to save on costs. With a smart heating system, keeping energy use to a minimum while staying comfortable is simpler thanks to the range of settings you can employ.

Smart thermostats, for example, enable you to switch the heating off remotely if you’re out of the house for longer than expected. The more advanced systems also enable you to heat certain rooms in the house while leaving it off in other areas. So if you’re in the home office all day, you need only heat that room between 9am and 5pm, then programme the system to heat the lounge between 5pm and 10pm, and the bedrooms overnight. This can result in some significant savings, easing the pressure on your wallet.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting works in a similar way to smart heating, enabling you to control the lighting in your home to ensure it’s not wasting energy. Your home automation installer can fit motion or light sensors with your smart lighting, so that rooms are only illuminated when you’re in them, or when the natural light levels dip below a certain threshold.

Smart lighting can also be controlled remotely, meaning you can switch everything off with the touch of a button once everyone has left the house for work or school.

Smart appliances

The Internet of Things has fostered huge developments in smart appliances. Anything from your coffee maker to your vacuum cleaner can be controlled remotely via an app – and even learn your habits, eventually operating in a truly automated way. The most advanced appliances are designed to shut off after being dormant for a fixed period of time, helping you to save on electricity.

Through home automation, you can make significant savings on energy – potentially up to 10-15% – leaving you with more money for the things that matter to you. In order to ensure you get the most from your system, we recommend using a qualified and experienced home automation installer. They have the knowhow to install your system properly and ensure your Wi-Fi can cope with the extra loads placed on it. Many reputable home automation installers also offer ongoing support and system upgrades for your peace of mind.

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