Rat Blocker and How Effectively Does it Work?

Rats of all types mainly use the drains to sneak up into the buildings, as they seek food and shelter. They not only pose health risks but also damage properties by chewing through cables, clothes, and papers. Rats are a major fire risk and are capable of resulting in floods by chewing into pipes and making them burst. Rats are also known to be a carrier of diseases that are contagious and cause Hantavirus, Salmonella, etc.

Over the years, a lot has been done to eliminate these pests but the only thing that showed results was rat blocker. It is a definite way to prevent rats from entering your buildings.

Rat Blockers

Regardless of which type of property you have: commercial and domestic property, getting a rat blocker installed is always an ideal preventative measure to banish rats.

Why Are Rat Blockers Effective?

Rat Blockers are made from superior-grade stainless steel and are capable of fitting into all types of cast iron, UPVC, clay, and pipe. The rat blockers are equipped with a smart hinged design, which has a couple of serrated flaps, independently suspended from each other, enabling the waste to release, but barring the rats from entering the building’s drainage system, enabling and ensuring waste and water flow through the drains every time.

Why Invest in Rat Blockers?

Just like in pest control techniques, you don’t deal with any toxic substances, and have a rat flap installed around your workplace; a rat blocker is environment-friendly and can be installed easily. The rat flaps are budget-friendly and upon getting installed once, they can help in the complete elimination of rats from entering your building.

Frequently Asked Question on Rat Blockers

·       Can Rat Blockers Fix Your Rat Issues?

The rat blocker once installed in the drainage system line will prevent the rats from sneaking into the building. However, based on the route that the rats are taking to enter the building, as they do not normally use multiple routes to sneak inside.

·       Does Rat Blockers Hurt the Rats?

The rat blockers don’t hurt the rat at all. It just creates a blockage at the entry point, and exit the route the rats came from.

·       Can Rat Blockers Be Installed Easily?

Rat blockers or a rat flap have easy installation procedures, with little to zero disruptions to the customers. It is always recommended to install rat blockers by a certified and professional drainage engineer to ensure accurate positioning and tight sealing in the pipework.

Apart from all this, rat blockers are extremely cost-friendly to install. Say goodbye to rat-related woes with the help of rat blockers. Consult a professional today and give a permanent fix to your rat problems.

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