Prevent pests from intruding your new abode – A guide for new homeowners

Acquiring your first house brings with it a great deal of enthusiasm as well as a lengthy list of new duties and obligations. The majority of homeowners place a high priority on home security, yet keeping your house secure from burglars requires consideration of factors beyond deadbolts and alarm systems. 

Whether you live in the country or an urban location, a friendly committee of pests is waiting to invade your residence in your house. Protecting your largest investment and avoiding seasonal insect issues can be achieved by being aware of when and how pests behave. If you’re looking for pest control tips, you can seek the help of pest control boca raton or other companies. 

Immediately give a call to professionals

If there is still time before you have to bring in your furniture, you should give a reputable pest control firm a call to have the vacant house and surrounding land thoroughly inspected. In addition to identifying current insect issues, the experts will provide detailed advice on how to avoid pest problems that are a common annoyance in the neighborhood where your new home is situated.

Think seasonally

Although spring and summer are often the busiest seasons for pest activity in many areas, you can make efforts all year round to lessen insect activity. For instance, removing leaves in the fall is crucial in minimizing the amount of space available for bug habitats and potential trouble spots. Remember to clean the gutters and the vicinity of the home’s foundation in particular.

Deep clean the house before moving in

Although the seller does not demand it, it is advisable to ask for a professional cleaning service after closing on your new house. If not, engage a reputable house cleaning company with fresh experience who will go above and beyond cleaning the property yourself. These are some key points to remember if you decide to perform the deep clean yourself:

  • Access the rear and sides of every cabinet by opening them.
  • Take out and clean any shelf liners, then replace them as needed.
  • If shelves are available above the cabinets, clean them.
  • Where the paneling meets the floor beneath the cabinets, clean it.
  • Clean the areas behind and beneath the refrigerator and other household equipment.

Suppose you have implemented any or all of these pest prevention strategies for your new property and you are still experiencing an excessive number of bugs in your home. In that case, it’s time to contact an award-winning, licensed pest control company in your locality. 

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