5 questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation

Are you planning to replace your windows and doors? Do you want the best value for your replacement project? Then you should ask relevant questions that will help you achieve your goals during a windows and doors consultation. Ensure that the consultant provides convincing answers to the questions before you hire them for the replacement project.

Meanwhile, here are the five questions to ask during a windows and doors consultation.

1. What Types of Windows and Doors Do You Sell?

Although you may have a particular type of windows and doors in mind, ask to know if there are better quality types on the market. The consultant should take you to their showroom and walk you through the different windows and doors available. Comparing the materials, configurations, colors (efficiency) rating, and grid options. Nothing compares to seeing the windows and doors right there in the showroom. And if the showroom is available, you should be shown pictures of the available windows and doors.

2. Do You Have References?

It is important that the consultant gives you references, especially in writing. It should contain their emails and contact numbers. When you contact the references, ask detailed questions about their experience with the installers, mode of working, cleanliness, timeliness, and sticking to the timetable. Besides, ask if there are jobs done in your area that you can stop by and take a look at.

3. Do You Provide a Warranty?

Asking if the installer offers a warranty and what it covers during a windows and doors consultation will help you avoid issues during and after the project. Ask if the warranty covers accidental breakage and the company’s responsiveness in the event of an emergency. The warranty will be a cushion if something goes wrong, and your investment in new windows and doors will be protected.

4. Do You Have Insurance?

Hiring an installer that is not adequately insured and bonded is not advisable, as it exposes you to liabilities if an accident happens while working in your home. Ask for the type of insurance they have and if you are protected from liabilities. Also, ask if the company will repair any damage caused during the installation. You should also ensure to see their insurance certificate.

5. What Should I Do To Prepare for Installation?

After you have been provided with satisfactory answers, ask the rep what you should do before the installation. First, they should arrange for measuring the windows, and you will be told to prepare the windows by removing curtains, blinds, sheers, and other accessories. You also have to move furniture near the windows and doors.


Ask the above give questions during a windows and doors consultation. Get accurate answers and have the contract in black and white before proceeding. Wishing you good luck with your windows and doors installation.


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