Home Improvement & Decoration Ideas for Rented Apartments

Renting an apartment is an excellent way of owning a home. Most renters are not willing to spend a lot of money improving rental apartments. However, renting an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t update your space in style. Depending on the lease terms, there are various decorative fixes to give your apartment a personalized and stylish look.

Here are practical home improvement ideas for rented apartments:

  1. Take inventory of your living room furniture.

An inventory helps you determine the type of furniture that you have. Take measurements of your chairs, sofa, coffee tables, benches, bed frame, bookshelves, and any other pieces that you may have in your living room. It’s easy to keep bulky items that you no longer need, and this crowds your space. By taking an inventory, you’ll be surprised by the amount of clutter that you have.

  1. Treat the windows

Windows are a prominent feature in any home. They allow in light, and dressing them rightly makes your home cozier and luxurious. There may be restrictions on drilling, which limits your options.  But, there are still some workarounds. If your rented apartment came with dull or ugly curtains, hang new sheers and curtains to transform the look.

 If not willing to go through all the hassle, rent modern apartments like BRIO at the Rose Apartments in Broken Arrow. You’ll likely get the best amenities with no need to overhaul the entire apartment.

  1. Grow live plants

Plants are an excellent way of adding that fresh feeling to your space. Add some plants in your living room, and place them on the fireplace, windows, or corners of your room. Indoor plants adorn your home, ease your mind, and uplift your mood for a more relaxed feeling.

  1. Hang temporary wallpaper

If your landlord can’t allow you to repaint your walls, why not use a temporary wallpaper of your choice? These are lovely choices for renters, and you can get different colors and styles. Use it on your walls, kitchen drawers, and bookcases.

  1. Sketch your space

Draw a simple sketch of your space and highlight areas where you’d like to fit your furniture. List down what you want to acquire and get rid of the old furniture items. Choose where to shop for the new furniture depending on your preferences, style, and budget.

  1. Hang beautiful pieces of art

Create a wall gallery by hanging attractive art pieces. Assort different frames and fill them with your family photos. A DIY piece of art will also work wonders. To design great DIY pieces, use old items in your home, or buy blank canvases at your local craft shop. Fill your canvases with bold colors to fit your taste and style.

  1. Adjust your lights

Lights can offer that dramatic impact on your entire home. If you already have glaring lights or want to bring in more light, adjust your light will make a big difference. It’s a cheap upgrade, and you don’t need to hire a professional to help you in doing this.

Final thoughts

The list of home improvement and decoration ideas for rented apartments are endless. If you don’t like the look in your new home, go through the lease agreement. This determines changes that you can make to transform the look of your apartment.

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