How a Charred Iron Ceiling Fan With Light can Improve Your Living Space

Ceiling fans are functional components to a living space that provide a substitution for air conditioning, or they exist to improve airflow and provide lighting for a room. The problem is that most ceiling fans are ugly; just go to a big box store and their mass-produced designs are lacking artistic input, and there is nothing unique about them at all. However, smaller family-owned boutique lighting companies like Arranmore Lighting create a unique industrial charred iron ceiling fan with light that will update the look and style in any room. This article is intended to help people understand how a charred iron ceiling fan with light can improve a living space, in multiple ways.

A Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Light Fits Multiple Design Styles

It can be difficult to find a ceiling fan with lights that will fit into specific design styles, especially popular styles like industrial, shabby chic, French farmhouse, modern and contemporary. Fortunately, a charred iron ceiling fan with light done in the industrial style will work well in all of these design styles. Don’t be afraid to try something different; just remember that industrial lighting works well in multiple types of spaces.

Charred Iron Ceiling Fans can Match Other Finishes in a Room to Enhance the Style

Charred iron is a popular material to use in accents throughout various rooms. Charred iron hardware for kitchen cabinets is a popular seller, as are charred iron staircase railings, charred iron fireplace fixtures, and charred iron floor lamps. When you add a charred iron ceiling fan with light designed in the industrial style, it will provide a connection with the other charred iron elements in the room and help to unify the design aesthetic.

A Charred Iron Ceiling Fan with Lights is a Great Way to Mature a Boy’s Bedroom

When boys are transitioning from having childish tastes to more grown-up tastes, it can be difficult to find ways to update their bedrooms. Usually swapping out the Spider=Man bedding for a duvet in a solid color that compliments the room will help, but one way to really add a cool adult vibe is by purchasing a charred iron ceiling fan with light. Charred iron is masculine and while it hints at playful thoughts such as the medieval period where charred iron was everywhere as knights jousted, the vibe will still play on the child’s imagination while giving the room a more mature look. You can also consider taking his posters off the wall and framing them using a charred iron frame to enhance the maturity in the room while complimenting the ceiling fan.

Be sure your charred iron ceiling fan with light isn’t too large; that last thing you want is a massive fan that dominates the space. You should also find an industrial charred iron ceiling fan with an optional downrod. And if your room is large, consider installing two or three charred metal ceiling fans spaced evenly apart. Finally, consider adding Edison bulbs to the ceiling fan to truly complete that cool industrial look.

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