Handy Explains How Simple Things Like Interior Design Impacts Our Way of Life


According to Handy, well-thought-out interior designs have been known to reduce stress and depression and create a more calming environment in your home. In fact, the psychological impact of the various elements of interior design has been studied for a while now and it demonstrates that, indeed, it can affect our mood and emotion in a positive or negative manner.

The Impact

Here are a few ways interior design can impact your way of life:

  1. The positive effect of sunlight – If you are not exposed to sunlight adequately on a daily basis, it can negatively affect your mood and even cause depression in worse cases. However, a room with large open windows that allows the rooms to get drenched with sunlight all day long can fill the space with immense positive vibes and lift your mood.

Artificial light is not a replacement for sunlight. So, if you are feeling down and want to boost your happiness, ensure that you allow plenty of sunlight to enter your house during the daytime.

  1. The impact of different color tones – The effect of different color tones on the psyche is well known and thus, you should definitely consider which color you want in your house not only based on their aesthetic quality but also depending on the type of emotional response that you want to evoke.

Typically, warmer colors such as red, yellow, and orange elevate your energy and mood. Cooler colors such as blue, green, purple tend to create feelings of relaxation, serenity, and calmness.

  1. The healing properties of plants and flowers – Decorating your home with green houseplants and colorful flowers is a natural way to elevate your mood and relieve stress or anxiety.

Houseplants act as natural air filters that reduce allergens and improve the quality of air. Plus, they infuse the space with a natural beauty that helps to combat depression and induce feelings of relaxation.

  1. The influence of great artworks – The beauty and creativity expressed in good artworks naturally tend to improve your mood and relieve stress. And it is much better to decorate the walls in your house with a few decorative pieces, inexpensive prints, or even DIY art than to leave them bare and blank.

However, ensure that you select artworks that resonate with your ideas and worldview or speak to your soul. The opposite can evoke negative emotions.

  1. The need for intelligent layout – The layout of the rooms should facilitate the easy flow of traffic. That means you must get rid of any unnecessary clutter or reposition furniture that can not only make the rooms messy but also cause obstructions when moving around the house.

When you have too much stuff around your house and you don’t do anything to clean your house or make the layout of the space more functional, it can make you frustrated and even anxious.


Handy suggests you hire a professional interior designer to ensure your home exudes a positive vibe and is filled with a serene ambiance. This is especially recommended if you are too sensitive to small changes in your immediate environment or are deeply affected by the external environment.

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