Are Pests Becoming a Bother to You?

Pests are considered a menace in many households as they cause a lot more damage than good. It is, therefore, no surprise that people look for methods of permanently getting rid of them.

A household full of pets gives the impression that the place is not hygienic. Apart from that, these pests destroy different goods around the house.

Some of the most common pests in households include ants, cockroaches, beetles and weevils. These bring about damage in different ways and parts of the house.

All hope is not lost as there are ways you can use to get rid of the pests. One of the most commonly preferred methods is contacting a pest control company such as Lubbock exterminator.

Before we get into the different methods used to control pests, you must know what signs to look for if you suspect an infestation. These signs include;

Peculiar smells and sounds.

An undeniable sign of pest infestation is the foul smell that may occur in your household. Each type of pest usually has its kind of smell.

It would be best if you always were cautious when there is an odd smell in your home. In addition to that, ensure any odour around the house is cleared up as this could cause pest infestation.

You should also be keen and listen to sounds such as squeaks, scratching on walls, scurrying or even gnawing. These sounds are mainly probably being caused by the pests in your home.

Presence of mole holes and anthills.

Pests can be a nuisance not only inside the house but also outside. One sign that your exterior compound has been infested by moles and ants is the presence of mole holes and anthills.

Anthills occur primarily along fences and lead to the formation of a massive pile of soil. In that pile of dirt, ants are usually moving in and out. You should also know that the ants live in large colonies; hence caution is crucial.

Mole’s diet consists of insects and other pests that live in the grass. The moles, therefore, make holes in the ground leading to raised ridges on the soil. As soon as you see this, you should act accordingly and get rid of them.

Damage to fabrics in the home.

Rats not only feed on foodstuff in the house but also on clothes. This assumption could lead to a lot of loss and holes in even your most favourite outfits.

Your clothes may not be the only ones affected as other fabrics such as curtains and seats will not be spared.

Presence of animal excrement.

Animal droppings around the house are also an obvious sign of pests. These droppings are mostly found where the animal spends most of its time.

Knowing their residence means that it would be easier for you to terminate the pests.

An accumulation of dead bugs.

For one reason or the other, there might be many dead bugs all over the house. If the bugs are of the same species, then they must have made your home their residence.

Increase in breeding grounds.

These breeding grounds may be situated in your compound or near your home. An increase in breeding grounds means an increase in pests in that particular area.

For example, an increase in the garbage could lead to an increase in rodents. In addition to that, an increase in stagnant water and the broken container could lead to mosquitoes’ rise, which can be fatal.

Presence of nests.

Rodents such as mice and rats live in nests. They will therefore make nests out of anything in your home. You should be on the lookout for these nests and get rid of them as soon as possible.

If you experience any of these signs at home, it is time to look for ways of getting rid of the pests. As mentioned above, there are vast ways of achieving this. These ways include;

Maintain a high level of hygiene.

In some cases, pest infestation occurs due to a lack of proper hygiene around the home. You should therefore take cleaning seriously.

You are advised to conduct thorough cleaning regularly to ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is not susceptible to pest infestation.

As you conduct the cleaning, ensure that the most likely breeding grounds such as garbage cans, broken containers and any other suspected place are cleaned or disposed of.

Contact a professional.

As soon as you confirm that there are pests in your home, it would be best to conduct a professional.

Calling an expert is considered the safest method as some pests such as snakes could be pretty hazardous to handle.

In addition to that, the pest control expert would be able to control the pests so that they would not be able to come back. The expert could also provide advice on areas of improvement around the home to prevent future infestation.

Ensure there are no damp areas around your home.

Just like human beings, pests go in search of not only food but also water. That fact means that all the damp areas in your home serve as an attraction to them.

You should therefore ensure that all the damp areas in your home remain dry to discourage pest infestation.

Repairing broken and leaking pipes should also be your priority, as bugs hide under sinks due to the constant water supply from the broken lines.

Close up all openings around the house.

Rodents use cracked windows and other openings around your house to invade your home. You should note that a gap that appears menial to you may be a wide opening for the pests.

Therefore, you should not assume anything and fix up even the tiniest opening in your home.

Conduct regular cleaning in your kitchen.

The kitchen being the place where most foods are handled, then it is most vulnerable to pest infestation.

You should always ensure that you clean up your kitchen after using it. Be cautious about clearing any food crumbs that you may find on kitchen counters. The tiniest of food crumbs could attract a large number of pests.

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