Aspects to Consider Inquiring a Pest Control Company 

After you have chosen pest control Olympia, consider inquiring about the following aspects – 

  • contact information of the company 
  • name of the employees performing the task at your home 
  • date and time of the treatments or inspections 
  • name of the products they use for pest control 
  • EPA registration numbers 
  • The formulation of every product and where it would be used 
  • Preparations you require making before the treatment 
  • Potential health effects or precautionary information in the event of exposure to pesticide products 

You could call NPIC for inquiring queries about risks involved with pesticides. 

Successful pest control would require cooperation and communication between you and the company. Inquire questions and ensure you understand the treatment along with your responsibilities in making the treatment a success. Do not be complacent in contacting your state pesticide regulatory agency to report any problems. 

Should you hire a pest control professional? 

Find below four good reasons why a professional pest control company is your best bet when dealing with a pest infestation at your home or office. 

  • Safeguard your health 

Pests tend to carry harmful bacteria that could contaminate your home and food, thereby making you and your family sick. Insect bites could cause severe allergic reactions and worsen your conditions such as asthma and could hospitalize you. 

  • Pesticide hazard 

Pesticides and insecticides used for getting rid of pests could be a significant health hazard to you when not used correctly. Insecticides and pesticides are more of a health hazard when used in wrong quantities and around elderly, children, or an ailing family member. Instead of putting your family in the harm’s way and putting up with pest issues constantly, hire a professional to handle the job with care. They would be aware of non-chemical methods to deal with different kinds of pests. They would use effective methods for further controlling the pest problem in your home. 

  • Correct identification of the pests 

A professional would identify the pests correctly and provide a suitable solution to the pest problem. You may not be adequately trained to handle different kinds of pest infestation issues. 

  • Preventing property damage 

Pests could damage your property permanently and compromise the integrity of the structure. Therefore, you should hire the services of a professional instead of handling pest infestation independently. 

Hiring professional pest control services would save you time and money in the long run. 

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