Kitchen renovations are sometimes a necessary project. The end results are often glamorous, but the process is often a daunting one. If you’ve never undertaken a remodelling project before, you may feel somewhat nervous, anxious about what to expect.

However, knowing what to expect and preparing ahead can allay your fears and help you to handle the situation more confidently.

Let’s highlight some things to look out for during kitchen renovations.


ZipWalls can only achieve so much. When it comes to dust, it’s still possible to have a layer gather in some parts of your home away from the kitchen area while the project is in progress. You can take some precautions to control this, however. Consider using a compression-fit temporary wall to close off the construction area from the other parts of your house. You can also use air filters (air handlers) to pull the dust from the air on the off-construction side of the house.


Kitchen renovations produce boorish noise. Tools and equipment can make deafening sounds as they make impact with surfaces. From saws to hammers, mallets, nail guns, sanders and compressors; you’ll have to put up with a lot of disturbance. If you, your children or your pets will be bothered by the noise, you’ll need to find someplace else to stay during the remodelling.

The Highs and the Sighs

There will be times when you’ll feel euphoric about the progress of the work, such as when the workers demolish those ugly countertops or the old vinyl floors in your kitchen. For some others, it may be the time they install those carefully selected, beautiful backsplash tiles.

On the flip side, you’ll also have moments of frustration and sighs. You just may be tired of having so many people around your house, writing so many cheques, or fed up of answering so many questions. Whatever it is, know that it’s always worth it in the end.


Expect the unexpected. Sometimes, things happen during kitchen renovations that are simply just out of your control. Weather changes, cars break down, and sometimes, ordered items just don’t arrive on time. Your contractor may not even foresee any of those delays happening. However, preparing your mind for the unexpected will put you in a better position to be calm and patient when your schedule shifts a little.


It’s possible that towards the end of your project, a couple of items may take longer to fix than others. For instance, it may be last two tile pieces or a light fixture that arrives faulty. Don’t freak out. You can always trust your contractor to see your kitchen renovations through and get the final details right, no matter how long it takes.

Are you prepared for your kitchen renovations now?

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