5 Signs You Need a Drain Replacement

Your home’s sewer system is a critical piece of infrastructure that is responsible for removing waste from the property. When something goes awry with your drain, you’ll need to have it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to get the service back up and running again.

Before developing a plan, it’s essential that you determine whether you’ll need a new drain pipe or if your existing one just needs a repair or cleaning. It all comes down to the severity of the damage, so you’ll need a plumbing service to investigate before you proceed.

Here’s a look at five sure fire drain replacement scenarios that Hunt’s Services can assist homeowners and businesses in Tacoma Seattle area to get your plumbing service back to optimal condition.

1) Significant Backups

Your drains can get backed up from time to time. While it’s annoying when this occurs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you require a completely new sewer line.

However, if all the fixtures in your home experience frequent slowdowns and some stop draining altogether, it could mean you have a significant clog or a crack in your main sewer line.

When you have a major clog, there is still hope that an experienced technician can remove it for you. It might not be easy, but it is possible.

A cracked or broken sewer line is another story altogether because at least one section of the pipe, and possibly more, will require replacement.

The action your plumber takes is dependent on the extent of the damage, but you’ll want to get a professional on the job right away.

2) Horrible Smells

Another sign you have a severe problem with your drain system is when you smell sewer gas inside your home or elsewhere on your property.

Your sewage system is meant to keep those smells inside the pipes, so you don’t have to deal with them. After all, sewer gas is not only toxic, but it also smells horrible.

Therefore, it stands to reason that when you can smell sewer gas on your property, it means there’s a crack or break in your sewer line.

In this situation, you’ll have to replace a section of the pipe and possibly more if there’s further damage or deterioration that could lead to a similar break in the near future.

3) Pools of Sewage

One of the most horrifying signs you need a drain replacement is when you head outside and see a pool of sewer water in your yard. This scenario occurs when your drain pipe breaks under the surface, and waste saturates the ground and arrives at the surface.

Fortunately, you’ll probably smell the waste before it reaches this stage, but if you have a large property, a pool of sewage is a possibility.

The bad news is that when that much sewage has seeped into your ground, you probably have a full-blown sewer line break that will require replacement.

4) Lush Patches of Grass

Sometimes, a sewer line break happens more gradually, to the point where you barely even notice. Your drain line may have a small leak that is allowing some sewage to escape into your soil, but it isn’t enough to cause pooling or an odor around your property.

One sign to look for in this scenario is a patch of lush, green grass in your yard. As the sewage escapes, it acts as a fertilizer for your lawn, helping it to grow. While this might seem like a positive, you must have this issue repaired early to avoid further damage.

Luckily, since this a symptom of a relatively minor leak, you might get away with only replacing a small section of your sewer line.

5) Bugs and Rodents

A final sign that you could have a problem that requires a drain replacement is when you notice rodents or bugs in your pipes, fixtures, or home.

The gist is that nothing should be getting into your sewer line, so when you hear or see a pest in those areas, it likely means you have a crack or hole.

Keep in mind that a rat can get through a quarter-sized hole, so these pests don’t necessarily mean you have a total break in your sewer line.

Still, bugs and rodents are a clear sign that something is up and that you could need a drain replacement to repair it.

Replacing Your Drain

Installing a new drain pipe is a significant job, so you’ll need the help of a professional plumber. Hunt’s Services provides drain replacement and all kinds of other sewer repair services in Tacoma Seattle area that are sure to restore your plumbing service in no time at all.

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