Where to Start with a New-Build Garden

With so many new-build homes popping up across the country, they are steadily becoming an extremely popular choice for many homeowners. With a new-build home comes their garden which often presents a lot of unique challenges, unlike other gardens. New-build gardens are a great place for you to start your gardening journey, putting skills to practice and creating a space that you love and enjoy. The following tips will help you get started with your new-build garden and utilise all of the space you have available.

Inspiration First

If you’re a first-time homeowner, then you may be completely new to the world of gardening. With so many different things to do in the garden, it’s worth doing some research and gaining some inspiration from others. From home accounts on Instagram to a mountain of Pinterest boards, there are absolutely loads of ways to find inspiration for your new-build garden and figure out exactly what you want to do with your space.

Choosing Plants

When you move into a new-build you’re often left to decide on many of the details yourself and the garden is one area that you have free reign over. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to go out and pick some beautiful plants to add colour and life to your garden. Head to your local garden centre or home store or have a look online here to see what different plants and accessories they have available, which would go well with your ideas from your inspiration research. You may want to start with a small number of plants at first, to see how they look and where they’ll go, then you can go back and stock up on more to really enhance your outdoor space and bring character to your garden.

Get Green-Fingered

There’s nothing more exciting than getting stuck into some gardening on a beautifully sunny day, especially when you’ve only recently moved into the house. It’s time to get green-fingered and plant your new flowers, as well as uprooting any pesky weeds that have found their way through. Similarly, you may want to cut the grass and neaten up the edges to really make each area stand out.

Soil Issues

It’s often found that the soil in the garden of a new-build property is often of a lower quality and contains lots of stones and rock, making it difficult to work with. If this is the case with your garden, you may want to look at doing some landscaping first, laying down a path to give yourself more freedom when walking around the garden. If you’re unsure of the quality of your soil, speak to a landscaper or gardener to find out how you can work around any issues that may arise.

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