The bathroom is that one room that we all love to spend our time in. It is the first room we visit after we wake up and the last room before we go to bed. The bathroom is considered to be a kind of safe space by many people. When you are planning a bathroom renovation, you would want that to reflect who you are. A bathroom renovation usually includes new faucets, towel holders, improved lighting, new cabinets and changes to the floor tiles and wallpapers. The cost of bathroom renovation is dependent on the kind of renovation that you are planning to undertake and the type of bathroom that you have. We are listing down the different types of bathrooms that are there and how much it would renovate them. There are majorly four different types of bathrooms. They are: 

Full Bathroom 

In a full bathroom renovation, all components are changed. You would be getting new faucets, new wallpapers, changed lighting and flooring. It can also include expanding the bathroom and adding structural headers. You can also add insulation or a recessed shower caddy. Rerouting plumbing and electrical wiring are also included in a full bathroom renovation. As you would be renovating the bathroom completely, it can be a costly affair. It starts from $20,000 and goes up depending on what you are planning to change. 

Three-Quarter Bathroom

This type of bathroom has only three of the elements out of the four. It includes the sink, toilet and bathtub or shower. When renovating this kind of bathroom, most homeowners prefer changing the bathtub or the showerhead. You can also get new wallpapers or install or upgrade your current shower or bathroom. This type of renovation also includes updating the plumbing and electrical. You can also opt for the installation of the brand new vanity. The three-quarter renovation changes three big aspects of your bathroom and its costing starts from about $15,000. 

Half Bathroom

From three, we come down to changing two features of the bathroom. You can get new plumbing or electric wiring. If you feel that your walls are boring, you could change them. You can even upgrade the toilet, vanity or faucet. This bathroom is smaller and doesn’t include accessories like medicine storage space. It is the best renovation option to undertake for your guest bathroom. The renovation costs start from $5,000. 

Quarter Bathroom 

This type of bathroom usually either has a toilet or a shower, implying that there is only one purpose of this bathroom. You can get new minimal plumbing or change in electrical wiring. You could also update the sink or the shower, whichever is there in the bathroom. If you want to jazz it up, updating the lighting and the flooring is always a great idea. The cost of renovation of such a bathroom starts from $1,8000.

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