Ways to Maintain a New Look for Your Wooden Deck

Keeping the wood on your deck in its best condition requires you to conduct regular upkeep and maintenance. Wooden decks are beautiful and aesthetically appealing; however, they can deteriorate quickly. If you think about it, it is easier to understand that quick deterioration of wood is usually because of a lot of foot traffic.

Another factor that weathers the wood is constant exposure to rain and sunlight. The sunlight fades the timber while moisture pooled into the wood attracts fungal spores and pollen, subsequently discoloring the wood. To prevent such damage from occurring, it is crucial to develop a maintenance routine. Here are some ways to protect your deck.

1.Avoid trapping dirt

Placing your flower planters on cement blocks before putting them on your deck will prevent them from trapping dirt or moisture on the surface after you have carried out deck sealing Los Angeles.

2.Regular sweeping

Sweeping your deck often will stop the accumulation of leaves and dirt. That is vital because these two can stain the surface over time.

3.Use a grill catcher

If you are holding a barbecue with your family and grilling on your deck, it is best to utilize a grease catcher. It will prevent grease stains from getting onto your wooden surface because they are among the most challenging type of stains to remove.

4.Take special care of your new deck

If you have installed a new deck, taking special care from the beginning will be very important. Have a professional clean it to remove surface impurities and kill any mildew spores growing inside the wood. These will stop the sealant from effectively penetrating the wood. However, it is essential to wait for about two months for the wood to age before you get it stained or cleaned.

5.Clean and seal your deck whenever necessary

Get your patio professionally cleaned at least after every three years to protect it from the harsh weather elements. If you decide to clean it yourself, it will be better to clean and seal it every year.

6.Seal your pressure-treated wood

Pressure-treated wood cannot solely protect your deck from the harsh weather elements. If this kind of wood is not sealed, it can become extra porous and vulnerable to the elements.

7.Avoid applying solid stains or paint

Don’t paint or stain your deck with a solid stain because these types of finishes will peel with time. Subsequently, it could waste a lot of time and money due to the level of care required. It might be best to go with an oil-based stain because it will protect your deck. Additionally, these stains fade gradually and naturally.

8.Carry out repairs as soon as they occur

Whenever you notice any broken or rotten boards, replace them immediately. It will save you from replacing your entire deck. Remember also to include the tightening of railings and loose boards in your maintenance routine.

Paying attention to your care routine is vital if you want your patio to remain in good condition for much longer. These tips will help you achieve that.

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