Planning a Garage Remodel: 4 Kinds of Garage Options in Spring, Texas

Maybe you had a cardboard box tumble off a teetering tower in your garage recently. Maybe you had to clean off a cobweb to be able to find your kid’s bicycle. Whatever the reason, you’re finally fed up with the business-as-usual approach to your garage in Spring, Texas. The good news is that a garage remodel can do a ton for your family and for your home. The important caveat is that you want to sign up for the right project, since some projects can be substantially more involved and expensive than others.

The Workshop Remodel

One of the most common uses of a garage is as the workshop for the member of the family who does the most physical repair work – fixing cars, building furniture (even modular, ready-to-assemble pieces!) and fixing a host of other household items. Keeping power tools and supplies for repairs accessible and easy to use means that you want a workshop that has both workspaces and organized storage, and you’ll probably want the space to move projects around if needed. In many cases, this remodel can also have the goal of storing a car in the garage when the workshop isn’t in use.

The Family Gathering Remodel

On the far other end of things, turning a garage into an entertainment space can be a major undertaking but such fun. If your home feels bustling and full all the time, turning the garage into a space for video gaming, ping pong, or having family over to watch a football game can make things feel roomy again. In this case, you may want to focus your remodeling efforts on things like getting a refrigerator and small food prep area, decluttering to make space, and potentially installing any other electricity or plumbing that will make the garage a comfortable place to hang out.

The Home Expansion Remodel

While it isn’t highly common in large homes, in areas of the country where homes aren’t as big, it’s common to remodel a garage to have an upstairs apartment or even make the garage itself into an additional bedroom. You’ll be extensively remodeling for this to work well, from getting a well insulated garage door to choosing flooring that works for your family, but if the result is more square footage and a way to house everyone in the family, this can be a great upgrade.

The Spruce-Up-to-Sell Remodel

Many real estate agents will tell you that buyers like to see a garage but will be much more impressed if it is also clean, sealed, and pleasant to look at. Sprucing up right before you sell may take quite a bit of work if the garage has been a high-volume storage area for a while, but often a little money goes a long way on such remodels. Opting for high-quality sealing of the floor and repairing dings, dents, and other damage to the walls can make it feel like a new garage, for you and for your future buyer.

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