The Most Attractive Features of the LG LDP6797ST

Smart dishwashers are kitchen superheroes as they wipe down germs, food grime, and bacteria away without a problem. The LG dishwasher model LDP6797ST is known for its superior cleaning skills. The following are the most attractive features of this dishwasher that makes it a must-have in your kitchen:

Four Spray Arms

The majority of traditional dishwashers come with 2-3 spray arms that move around during a cycle. An LD dishwasher with QuadWash has four spray arms designed to rotate back and forth and cleanse from several angles, ensuring your dishes get clean the first time. With this machine, you don’t have to rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher as it will do the work for you. This lets you save water and time just putting them on the dishwasher racks.

Soothing Sound

Old dishwasher models tend to be noisy during operation but you don’t have to worry about this issue with an LG dishwasher as they are very quiet. The machine runs at 46db, which means it has a soothing sound that you may even forget it is running in your kitchen. This dishwasher offers you a powerful clean without disrupting your day.

Adjustable Third Rack

LG offers its dishwasher a third rack on the top level. Such additional storage provides space for whatever you want to place there. Also, this adjustable rack can be removed if the second level requires more height space. This feature is especially beneficial for post-dinner parties or family gatherings.

Turbo Setting

Whenever you host a party, you want to ensure you always have glasses, silverware, and dishes to use. As you have fun with your guests, you don’t want to be stressed out. By having an LG dishwasher at home that has a Turbo setting, you don’t have to worry about that rush hour.

Whenever you get lose on dishes, just toss them in the machine and they will be ready to use in less than one hour. Although this is a very quick feature, it does not compromise the cleanliness of your dishes. You can be sure every piece they clean will be spotless.

Dishwashers produced by LG are designed to work hard in your home and made to make your life easier. They eliminate the need for rinsing dishes, trying to fit everything in one load,being annoyed by the loud sound a dishwasher may produce. When you buy an LG dishwasher today, handwashing a dish will be eliminated from your list of chores.

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