Room For More: 6 Tips For Making Your Home Look More Spacious

The wonderful thing about making your home look more spacious is that it actually makes your home feel more spacious. No family wants to feel like they’re living in too close quarters, and there are a few happy hacks you can try to make your home feel miraculously more spacious.

Light colours, mirrors, the best bifold doors Perth has available – they all work to make your home look much bigger and more welcoming for friends and family.

Let’s take a look at six of these awesome tips for enlarging the home without actually extending its boundaries:

  • Use light colours

Darker colour shades make rooms look small and downright claustrophobic. Have you ever wondered why so many old horror films have darker colours around the house? Well, not only do they make the shot look scarier, but they also make the scene look more constrained and difficult to escape!

So, why not avoid this space sacrilege for your home and keep the colours light and inviting? Monochromatic, lighter tones for furniture, walls, floors etc. make the space flow freely and simply make it look bigger.

  • Use mirrors

Because nothing conveys a feeling of unbridled space more than hanging a large mirror! Mirrors are the quickest and easiest way to make your home look bigger regardless of where it is hung.

The mirror gives off an optical illusion that the room contains more space whilst reflecting more light throughout the room which further increases a feeling of uninhibited room.

  • Install bifold doors

Home designers will always tell you: the more glass a room has the more spacious it appears! But you may be looking to enlarge the space of a room that leads onto the outdoor area, and so may be looking to install something more than large windows looking out onto the garden.

This is where bifold doors are the perfect option for your home. Not only do they contain a large amount of glass which makes the room look far bigger, but they can also be easily opened to allow you and your family to step outside and enjoy that lovely garden!

  • Use large artworks

Like large mirrors, large artworks can be hung on the wall to create an optical illusion of the room being much larger. Large artworks are often designed to be a room’s main feature, and not only do they attract attention to themselves (hopefully in a good way!) but they also provide an appearance of being hung in a much larger room.

  • Try foldable furniture

With more people moving into apartments there are more people looking for ways to optimise the space of said apartments. One of the very best ways to optimise space whilst also making it look bigger is to purchase from foldable furniture i.e. chairs, kitchen islands, convertible desks etc.

Not only will you be allowing your apartment or even home to have more space when you need it, but in the times that the furniture is folded up it will not be making your space look clunky and claustrophobic.

  • Give the place a good clean

Because nothing makes a space look tiny like having a bunch of unwanted clutter throughout! All you have to do is take a good couple of hours to give the house a thorough clean and, looking over it, you will see what a difference getting rid of all that unwanted junk does to the apparent space of the room!

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