Best Ways to Place a Rug

When it comes to creating your room’s feng shui, it is extremely important to understand furniture, especially rug placement, in your space.

Each room within your home should have a resounding harmony and connection that makes it not only your own unique space but a space for others to enjoy as well.

One major component sustaining this harmony is finding the best possible place to lay out your rug. You may not know it, but knowing how to place a rug in your space can really make or break the aesthetics of your room’s energy.

So, before you unroll that fabulous new rug you just purchased, check out the following guide on recommended rug placements.

Try Being More Left of Center

It should be a no brainer that you would want your rug to be in the center of the room, right? I mean, isn’t symmetry everything when it comes to a synchronized space?

Well, sort of. 

You don’t always have to be chained the ways of old by putting your rug dead center in a room. In fact, there are different ways you can mix it up with the following unique placements:

  • Asymmetrical – Try playing around with where you place your rug in your room and make it asymmetrical to your furniture placement. It will certainly give your room a different kind of feel altogether and will also be a conversation starter. 
  • Place it Under Furniture – You don’t have to leave your rug exposed in the open. Give slipping it under your pieces of furniture a shot and see how you like it. It may even give your space a more dynamic and unique feel.
  • Connect Your Furniture Pieces – Another great way to play with your rug placement is to use it as a sort of bridge design between your pieces of furniture. This is also another great way to play around with your space aesthetics. 

Don’t be scared to play around with rug placement. Just because your rug isn’t technically centered within a room, doesn’t mean it won’t be front in center in your room’s overall look and feel.

Size is Everything

Another thing to consider for rug placement is the size. Rugs that are too big can get lost and unnoticed by the pieces of furniture on and surrounding it while rugs too small can seem insignificant in your room’s overall appeal.

Let’s run through the pros and cons of small, medium, and large rugs:

  • Small rugs – rugs on the smaller end can definitely make a room bigger can also make your room look smaller. It’s always best to decide how you want your room to feel in terms of space before placing a small rug in your room. 
  • Medium rugs – medium rugs seem to be the blissful link between small and large but sometimes can seem awkward if not placed properly. Make sure you try putting it under pieces of furniture to give your room a more textured feel.
  • Large rugs – bigger is better, right? It certainly depends when it comes to large rugs. Before placing a large rug in a room, if you are not wanting it to swallow your room’s floor whole, definitely measure it out to where it’s placed where some floor is exposed. This in turn will give your room a more layered look

Bottom Line

Knowing where to place a rug in your space is a big deal. In fact, it is just as important as the type of furniture, drapes, carpet, and other room accessories. 

Remember, a rug can be that final touch that really pulls a room together.

So before you get trigger happy with rolling out that new rug, make sure you understand the importance of placement before you do. 

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