Your deck is a valuable investment in your home that provides a spot to chill during the hot summers. But it is the most prone to weather damage when it rains and the winter kicks in. Moisture is the most dangerous enemy to wood decking. Water plus UV rays and extreme weather changes can cause your deck to appear dull and worn out than its age. They wash away the deck’s finish, color, and natural resins over time.

Although you cannot entirely prevent your deck’s exposure to extreme weather elements, you can certainly maintain its good finish by waterproofing and sealing it. A waterproofing service from an experienced deck waterproofing expert can significantly sustain the value of your deck. It can help you maintain its look and save you more money and time in the long run. Here are the perks of waterproof deck coating.

Get rid of moisture problems.

One of the reasons to waterproof your deck is to get rid of moisture problems. Note that even the most durable wood decking can get worn out over time due to water problems. Heavy rains, morning dew, oceanic fog, marine layer, or occasional rain can significantly impact your deck’s structural integrity and appearance. By waterproofing your deck, you don’t have to worry about moisture problems on your deck.

Eliminate wood decay

Wood decay is prevalent in wood decking. Dry rot is one type of wood decay caused by a fungus that eats up the wood’s parts, weakening the decking. Wood decking that has suffered decay looks old, unsightly, and can also be structurally compromised, posing a health risk. Waterproofing or sealing the decking keeps away dry rot and other pests from penetrating the deck. If you note that the decking has a spongy-looking consistency, the wood might be decayed, and you should call an expert to inspect.

Extend its lifespan

Decking is a valuable investment in your property, but it can be challenging to maintain without the right services. Waterproofing your deck extends its service life and saves you more money in the end. Waterproofing your deck from time to time ensures you enjoy your deck for longer.

How often should you waterproof your deck?

How often you should waterproof your deck depends on different factors: the usage, which is the amount of wear it receives, weather exposure to heat, water, snow, and ice, sun exposure, and the level of protection from the previous sealants.

Generally, a standard wood decking needs resealing annually to ensure it remains in its peak condition. If you are not sure that your decking needs resealing, you can test it by sprinkling water on different parts of the deck; the water beads up on an adequately resealed deck. If the water gets absorbed into the wood, it means you need to waterproof your deck.

The final words

Keeping up with deck maintenance prevents you from replacing your deck after a few years. It is best to contact a local deck waterproofing expert to guide you into the best types of sealants to use.

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