Bringing your Dog Home

With dogs being the most popular family pet, it is very important to know about them before you bring a dog home. Providing them with a happy place and positive surroundings to be in, will help them feel at home.

If it’s your first dog, knowing their habits, likes and dislikes helps them feel comfortable and is all about ensuring they are healthy not only physically but also emotionally. Along with their feeding, health care, and physical needs, It is also equally important to learn about their comfort, hygiene, skin and coat, grooming as it would always result in having a perfect bond with the new member of your family.

  1. Grooming: Brushing their hairs, keeping them knot free or making sure the hairs are not tangled, all these grooming suggestions depend on the type of dog you have and what are the essentials to keep its coat perfect. There are shampoos available for shed control and keeping them clean. It is also recommended to trim their nails.
  2. Providing them the comfort: Its necessary to provide a cosy bed or doghouse. They should also be having adequate amounts of food and plenty of water to drink regularly or easy access to it when they need it. Make sure they do not feel or are left out, especially in the extreme weather conditions.
  3. Spending time with them: Taking your dog for a walk, help them exercise in limit, training them and spending time with them would make them feel the love and affection you have for them.
    It is essential to spend some time with them so that you know each other well.
  4. Socializing your Dog : While you spend time with your dog it’s also necessary to help them be social, taking them for a walk, or making them meet new people help them understand how to behave and be social.
  5. Reward Treats: Training and exercise can be beneficial but also can turn out to be boring sessions, keep your dog motivated with the treats. It will keep them going, help them be healthy, athletic and smart.
  6. Respect and Love: We all have seen great examples of different wild animals behaving like humans which is not usual. But it also showcases the phrase “You get what you give”. To make sure you get the loyalty and love from your dog, it is important to respect them and show your love towards them.

There are multiple other tips such as buying them the right accessories, toys, making sure they explore new places within your supervision etc which would help you have a great bond with your dog.

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