Excellent Home Maintenance Tips

The most drastic outcome when you ignore home maintenance is that you risk home structural damage and put lives in danger. When you notice things like leaking roofs, broken windows, and doors that are not working well, then it’s time to contact the experts. Spring home maintenance services will serve you a great deal.

Home maintenance helps keep your home looking its best. Therefore, continual checking of your exterior and interior system, appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems is a vital exercise. The maintenance helps you save your money by avoiding breakdowns and damages.

Below are some of the tips for an excellent home maintenance process;

Inspect your Shingles

Roofing problems might be expensive based on the extent of the damage. Whether it’s just a minor leak or a section of the roof sinking inside, it can be costly to fix it. The best way to prevent such expenses is to check your shingles frequently. If any shingle has broken, you replace it right away. You can contact a professional to handle it for you.

Clean Window Weep Holes

Vinyl replacement and many slide windows have holes on the exterior bottom of the frame. The purpose of the weep holes is to drain away rainwater that may fill your frame’s bottom channel. Cleaning your weep holes help remove any debris and bugs that can cause blockage and make rainwater spill into your house.

Clean Refrigerator Coils

The coil is most of the time forgotten because it is either on the bottom or behind the unit. It becomes covered with dirt, cobwebs, pet hair, and grease. As the coils exert more energy to be efficient, it shortens the life span of your fridge. When cleaning the fridge coil, unplug the refrigerator, get rid of the dirt using a vacuum horse, and finally clean any remains of dust with soap and water.

Clean Dryer Vents

A plugged dryer vent can be of danger to your family. It may run inefficiently and cause a house fire. The main reason for dryer duct clogging is excess lint. You need to avoid lint and dirt building up in ducts by cleaning the dryer vent duct using a large brush. Additionally, you can unclog the ducts using a flat vacuum attachment.

Inspect your Furniture

 Cleaning your furniture not only makes your piece more attractive but also immensely increases its lifespan. Check your piece for any signs of rust and listen for any weird noises that may need professional attention. Ensure that you keep your furniture out of sunlight and other heat sources. Know what cleaning solutions to use on them.


Carry out a Garage Door Safety Check

Put your garage door into manual mode and try to lift it. It is supposed to glide smoothly on its own and stay open 3 feet from the ground. Another check test is to put a small object on the ground and close the door. The door should pop up immediately it meets the obstacle. A well-balanced door makes the door opener not work too hard, therefore, lengthening the life span.

Replace the Batteries in Detectors

Change the batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors twice a year. Also, carry out frequent tests to ensure that they are functioning smoothly.

Clean your gutters

Clear your gutters by removing leaves, small branches, and other dirt. If clogged, they can damage your roof. It is because clogging causes water to accumulate in the gutters, thus get under your roof.

Home maintenance not only enhances the beauty of your home but also ensures that it is safe from any destruction that may arise as a result of poor maintenance. It is essential to have all your home systems, appliances, and equipment regularly checked to guarantee their smooth operation. Seek professional attention when you notice a problem you cannot fix on your own at home.

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