4 Wallpaper Singapore Installations To Consider

Figuring out the right wallpaper Singapore installation for your home can be a tough hurdle. With numerous kinds as well as colour schemes, structures and also application requirements, it can tend to be downright frustrating! To help alleviate the stress, we have gathered a thorough list of wallpaper varieties to help you make the very best choice for our jazzing up demands and DIY skillset, whether you are new to wallpaper or an expert.


This wallpaper is the plug-and-play equivalent of computer software application. Simply peel off and stick without the hassle of paste, glue, squeegee, heat gun, and water. Extremely little labourenters into such wallpapers. The only requirement is to have a smooth as well as level wallpaper without bumps on them. The only ‘negative’ thing about these wallpapers is the lack of trial and error. You can hardly re-position self-adhesive wallpapers without the paste shedding its dampness at the same time.


Non-woven wallpaper consists of all-natural plant fibre that has actually been refined with all-natural timber. This makes it a superb selection for eco-friendly conscious homeowners. Given that non-woven wallpaper has a breathable side, you will certainly not have to worry about mould or mold growth on the wall. Moreover, it is lightweight and flexible, for this reason, easy to install as well as eliminate. It will most likely come off the wall structure as a lengthy strip, so you will have no trouble taking it off if you need to access the wall surface behind it. Non-woven wallpaper likewise has respectable heat as well as noise insulation.


Foil wallpaper is a sensational alternative for those aiming to make their wall surfaces stand out. Being made from thin metallic foil, it gives your wall surface a glossy metallic look. A slew of patterns can also be published on its surface area to complement your area’s style. Nevertheless, since foil wallpaper is so thin, it can be somewhat delicate and also rather difficult to install. The reflective surface area additionally highlights issues on the wall. For these reasons, you need to ensure that the wall is entirely repaired, flat, and also free of dirt and also grease prior to hanging the wallpaper.

Strong Vinyl wallpaper

Its material is completely vinyl. To install it to a wall, the back component needs to be cleared away. This approach uses if the wallpaper is self-stick. For a pre-pasted wallpaper, wetting is first done then it is connected to the wall surface. For a non-pasted wallpaper, an extra paste has to be applied after which it is hang onto a wall surface. Its unique top qualities are:

  • Extremely durable-it is not influenced by wear, tear and also scrapes.
  • It is water immune hence appropriate for rooms-kitchen, bathrooms/toilets- where the degrees of wetness are considerably high.
  • The process of cleansing it is easy and also fast.

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