Money-Saving Tips for Purchasing Plants and Trees

Gardening is an ongoing process. It needs a consistent effort. At the start, you need some basic gardening tools like shovel, hand spade, rake, pruning shears, hosepipe, wheelbarrow, lawnmower, etc. Maintaining the garden across the year includes the cost of seed, plants, fertilizer, fences, coverings, irrigation, aesthetics, pest control, weather elements, etc.

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Plants you buy from the nurseries are too expensive. However, below are some tips to help you save dollars buying shrubs and trees.

Prepare a list of plants and wait patiently for the deal

Avoid impulsive buying as it will blow away your budget. You will end up buying plants you don’t know about. Read and search online for images of plants you desire to grow in your garden.

Make friends with plant collectors

Plant collectors tend to outgrow their garden space. They need to lessen some of their big and small trees. A few get rid of shrubs or plants they purchased in the last season because they found a better one to replace it.

Buy from the local conservation district

Government agencies always encourage reforestation for wildlife preservation. They don’t focus on making profits. If you are planting trees on large properties then you can look out for conservation tree sale and thus save money. These are all native plants and small in size. Be patient and in some years they will grow big.

Purchase bare-root trees

You can purchase bare root trees from online nurseries. You get little sticks via courier, but in some years, they grow to a decent size tree. Even local wholesale nurseries host bare root tree sale.

Spring flowering trees – buy in summer

Magnolias, redbuds, and crab apples are sold on discount after a month they stopped blooming. It is because customers purchase them on an impulse, as they recently saw them blooming. Be savvy, and go sometime later to get a good deal.

Buy when season sales are about to end

Whenever nurseries have a plant sale with 25% to 50% off, you avoid going at the start. Before the season sale close, you will get 75% off. However, your choice will be narrow as the majority of the stock gets picked. It can be a hit or miss alternative.

The mentioned tips can certainly save you dollars!

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