Incorporating Chandeliers into Your Home

Chandeliers, by nature, play the leading role incredibly well but are sometimes considered too formal, suitable only for grand spaces or even gaudy (we’ll admit that there are a few of those around but trust us, ours are different). However, styled in the correct manor can transform a room from dreary to cheery with the flick of a switch.

Many interior designers agree that lighting is the most important aspect of a room yet is so often overlooked. In addition to altering the mood of the occupants in a room, lighting can transform the room in shape and size. In a den that is particularly small, painting the walls a light colour and having extra lighting reflecting off the walls will help the room appear larger. Recessed lighting can add a soft glow to a room without protruding into the space, which can also help the room appear larger.

It is also important to consider how you want to feel when you’re in the room – Is it a space to be inspired or to feel calm? Consider this early on as it will affect what style of lighting you go for and the type of aesthetic. If you don’t know about lighting specifications, send us a message and we can help you choose the perfect design for you.

Feature walls such as a deep navy shade paired with the contrast of bright white are the perfect place to really set off a chandelier – mixing in aspects of timeless & classic with a modern twist create a sense of originality, essential to any designer’s portfolio.

Modern elegance completely reigns with this bespoke look, the industrial piece sits well in an informal masculine space where, with dimmed bulbs, will add atmosphere to an intimate arrangement. Alternatively, creating a bright centre piece with a chandelier can be equally as impactful; the use of a neutral colour pallet surrounding key features in the room will give a sense of modern minimalism and draw the eye to the things you want to show off the most.

For example, a matte black chandelier is the perfect finishing touch in a refurbished loft, while a pair of distressed bronze pendants bring an industrial flair to a modern interior. Regardless of your interior design style, we have a variety of unique options to incorporate industrial-style pendant lights into your space; lighting can be just as expressive as the colour of your walls or design of furniture and choosing the right lighting for you is an important part of the design process.

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