Wooden fireplaces have a special place. They add a rustic and classic look to a place. But there might come the point when you might consider shifting from a traditional wood fireplace to a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace can warm up your room in a way you didn’t think was possible. If you believe it is time to move to a gas fireplace and is apprehensive, then https://www.thefireplacestore.ca/lyric-by-ortal-fireplace/ would help you out. Before you decide, it is essential that you know all you need to know about the gas fireplace.

How does the transformation happen?

One of the biggest questions that would arise when planning to move to a gas fireplace is what would the transformation process be like. The transformation process can be easily understood in three broad steps.

Step 1: Freestanding logs: There is a unit in which logs are placed in a wooden fireplace. In this area, the gas line is installed to allow the flow to the logs. The open flame in the gas fireplace burns in the same way as the wooden fireplace. The only difference is that there is a fireplace or screen which encloses the flames.

Step 2: Gas insert: The existing wood-burning fireplace is converted into an all-in-one box vented up to the chimney. This box has a screen and glass pane on the front, which prevents the flames and the fire from escaping into the room. An in-built fan helps to heat the room and add an animated effect to the fireplace.

Step 3: Built-in gas fireplace: This is a freestanding fireplace, would also be considered a decorative insert. It is usually used in a space without any existing chimney. This is usually vented through an exterior wall. A non-vented gas fireplace is a health hazard as it can impact air quality inside your house.

What is the potential cost of a gas fireplace?

Whenever you decide to get a fireplace, you always take a good look at the cost of buying, installing, and maintaining. The cost of the gas fireplace depends from size to size and also on the type of installation. You would also have to add the cost of transportation and labor, especially when installing it within your home. When installing a gas fireplace, you might have to spend a little more to install a built-in gas model. The cost of designing and building a vented faux depends on constructing the framework and decorative finishing.

The maintenance of a fireplace also adds to the cost. It is essential to maintain the fireplace as it could be a health hazard. You need to inspect the system and clean out the debris from time to time. The fireplace needs to be kept safe, clean, and operating well. Having a gas fireplace would save the cost of running to the store for firewood. Maintaining the fireplace is important as it ensures the safety of the operation of the fireplace.

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