Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Super Helpful Tips on Door Maintenance Worth Reading


Doors are the gateway to your home and the room inside and they’re the first thing that anyone notices. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the door is one of the most ignored parts of your property, yet the most important thing that ensures privacy, safety, and a lot of other things. Let’s check out a few super helpful tips on door maintenance:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep a close watch – If you’re alert enough, you should be easily able to notice something’s wrong when the integrity of a door is compromised. When you use a door check if it’s swinging with ease and listen for squeaks and other noises that may indicate a problem. These small faults can be easily fixed with a bit of oiling. However, when you don’t notice or ignore them for a long time, they may build up into severe problems.
  1. Tighten the hardware periodically – You use the front door of your home thousands of times a year and the doors inside your home are used several times more. So, the small mechanical parts that secure the door to a frame have to go through a lot of movement and over time the hardware securing it may get loose. To fix that, you need a simple adjustable wrench or maybe a screwdriver. Tighten the bolts and screws from time to time to extend the lifetime of the hardware and mechanisms.
  1. Check the balance – When a door isn’t balanced properly, it runs the risk of getting damaged easily. If it’s a heavy door, the chances are amplified. In worst-case scenarios, the door may even break apart from the frame and it will lead to hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. Make sure to regularly check the balance of your door to prevent such situations. If you feel that the balance isn’t right, call a professional for help.
  1. Replace weather stripping on garage doors – Whether your garage door uses strong steel rollers or those made of hard nylon, you must check the integrity of those components around every two months. While garage door rollers are replaced every 8 or 10 years, you may have to replace them sooner depending on their condition. They may be damaged beyond safe use due to numerous factors including greasing issues, harsh climate, high frequency of use, and more.
  1. Don’t let dust build up – Doors keep the external elements out of your home. However, over time they also build a lot of dust and debris on the surface. This filth eats away at the material of the door. So instead of waiting for spring cleaning of your home, get rid of any dust that settles on the door. It also makes your door look nice and brand new.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these tips to maintain the doors in your home or office in top condition. This will make them look good and as good as new for years and also strong enough to provide you a layer of safety against intruders.

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