How do I know if my windows need to be replaced?

Windows are among the most neglected components of a house. Until some windows become unmanageable, many homeowners will not bother to check the structural condition of their windows. Meanwhile, your windows contribute largely to the home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and value. Consequently, you should consider window replacement in your next home improvement project.

However, look out for the following signs to know if your windows should be replaced.

1. Difficult Window Operation

Inspect your windows by opening and closing each one of them. They should operate smoothly. If you apply pressure or force to open or close them, your windows need replacements. You should not exert force to operate your windows. Schedule a window replacement project if operating them seems like a workout or M exercise.

2. Draft

If a draft of cold or hot air from outside filter info your home through the window, you need window replacement. This must have happened due to failed seal or weather stripping, hole, or cracks on the windows. The best way to confirm this is by standing by the windows when it is hot or cold outside; if you feel hot or cold air contrary to indoor temperature, your windows are compromised.

3. High Energy Bills

If you notice a steady or sudden increase in your energy without any significant or extra load, you should examine your windows. In most cases, windows are responsible for major energy losses in the home. This will make the HVAC unit work harder to keep the house warm or cold, as the windows leak the indoor temperature. Audit your energy use and schedule a window replacement project. Invest in energy-efficient windows to reduce your energy bills.

4. Increased Noise Level

Functional windows have a soundproofing feature and make your indoors quiet and peaceful. However, when you start hearing a car down the street or the noise of kids playing next building start to disturb your nap, you undoubtedly need window replacement.

5. Condensation

If your double-pane windows become foggy always with condensation between the panes, plan to replace your windows. The seals undoubtedly have failed, and the argon gas escaped. Replace your windows before they become too leaky, and the problems increase.


Check your windows and see if they have one of the signs above. If you notice one of the signs discussed above, plan window replacement as soon as possible. However, choose an experienced windows and doors company for the best results possible.

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