Three Potential Causes for a Garage Door to Come Off-Track

The garage door is likely one of the biggest, heaviest moving parts of your home, and it’s a cherished space by many homeowners. For those of us living in a cold climate, our garages eliminate the need to clean the snow off the car, and keeps other valuables protected from inclement weather of all kinds. Many homeowners would agree, keeping their garage door in good repair is essential, so below we’ll discuss some potential mishaps to be avoided.

1. Misaligned Tracks
It’ll be nearly impossible to keep your garage door on the tracks if the tracks themselves aren’t straight. Usually, misaligned tracks happen when the bolts holding the horizontal tracks become loosened, causing the mounting bracket to wiggle when the door vibrates. This increases the risk of the rollers coming off the track entirely. In this case, tightening the bolts and performing regular maintenance to ensure they stay tightened is usually sufficient. However, if the horizontal tracks are made from a weak material, even a small impact on the door can cause the tracks themselves to bend. If this is the case, a local garage door repair service may be able to repair the existing tracks or help you find suitable alternatives made from more durable materials.

2. Immense Impact
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, impact on the door itself can absolutely cause the tracks to become misaligned, as well as cause damage to the lower part of the door. Oftentimes, this happens when people are in a rush and pull in or out of the garage without waiting for the door to open all the way. Although even a small impact can damage the door and its tracks, the harder the hit, the more likely it is to cause further damage. It seems obvious to say, but waiting a few extra moments before pulling in or out of the garage is well worth the wait when it means avoiding hundreds of dollars of garage door repair costs.

3. Broken Lift Cables
The final cause for off-track garage doors on our list is the most uncommon – broken lift cables. There are lift cables on either side of the door. They’re composed of a cable that curls around a barrel connected to a shaft. The concern for this kind of damage is greatly increased when the door is older and hasn’t been used in a while. If the alignment of the door is interrupted for any reason, the cable may not be able to wrap around the barrel effectively, causing the cable to snap. Lift cables should be inspected regularly to prevent this situation.

Hopefully, this list provided guidance on common mishaps in the garage, as well as ways to avoid them. Should you find yourself with garage door service needs, All Quality Garage Doors offers expert services with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Professional, licensed, and fully insured, they’re guaranteed to provide efficient, same-day service for all of your door repair needs.

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