Types of Treated Pine

When pine is treated, manufacturers take it through a chemical process which strengthens the timber. Without being treated, pine cannot stand-up to the levels of other timbers when used around the home, because it is weak, lacks longevity and can be susceptible to rot. Through the treatment of pine the result is a softwood which is strong and durable, making it perfect for use in and around the home. The reason why treated pine is so popular is not only because of its durability and strength, but also its low cost. There are multiple uses for treated pine, and here is how it is used around the home.

Garden Sleepers

A treated pine sleeper is a much cheaper alternative to pricey railways sleepers and they can be used in many ways in the garden. Back in the 90s railway sleepers were low cost because they were so plentiful, but this is no longer the case and it is why more are turning to treated pine. These sleepers can be used for pathways, for creating divisions in the garden and even for beds.


Treated pine is a great option for fencing because of how well it takes on stains and paint colours. Additionally treated pine posts offer great strength and they are very easy to work with. Unlike some hardwoods, treated pine can be easily cut to size and handled by just one person, which is why it is often preferred when it comes to the construction of fencing.


Timber decks can be made of a number of different types of timber, depending on how much you have to spend and what characteristics you need the timber to have. When it comes to a low cost and low maintenance option, treated pine makes for a great option. The pine can be used for the construction of the timber decking itself, as well as timber pine capping which can be used to give a great finish to the railings of the deck.

Patio Furniture

In terms of high quality treated pine, Melbourne garden centers sell a huge volume of garden and patio furniture made with this material. Customers who buy these products again are looking for a low cost, attractive and easy to maintain option which they can add to their garden space. There are all manner of options when it comes to treated pine furniture from tables and chairs to benches and pagodas.


If you are looking to build a small path in the garden using wooden slats then treated pine again is a great option. Thanks to the chemical treatment of the timber it stands up well to the elements and can be a long-lasting option for the paths in and around your garden. Again the fact that this is a timber which is easy to work with, makes it a very common choice for those who like to get involved in a little DIY.

These are just some of the main uses which we see for treated pine.

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