How to accessorise your tennis court 

If you love playing tennis you might be one of the lucky few to have your very own court at home in your backyard. So whilst you already have all the tennis balls, racquets and nets you could possibly need, what about a few accessories to take your court to the next level?

After all, lots of Aussies love a game of tennis, but their courts are often boring and lacklustre. So let’s check out some of the accessories that will really make an impact at your next tennis & BBQ day.


One of the biggest problems with outdoor tennis courts is a lack of shade, so what about installing a cabana for your guests or a large sail over parts of the court? You can have these canvas awnings or sails made to size and there are a range of colours available to suit your home’s décor. They will definitely help to reduce the problem of sunburn during the hot Aussie summers, as well as keeping players and their guests cool and refreshed.

Viewing benches

Guests will need somewhere to sit as they watch the matches and players will need to sit and rest between sets. So what about installing a few comfortable benches for everyone? You can purchase benches to seat up to 50 people, but you can also have benches custom made to suit your own specifications. Not forgetting the umpire – why not purchase an umpire’s chair so they can score the match in comfort as well?

Score board

With only one tennis court at home, you might not think that you need a score board, but they do look very professional! You can opt for an old-fashioned score board where you change the numbers by hand or opt for a high-tech, digital score board that you can update using your smartphone. If you want to make a statement, you need a tennis score board!

Wind screen/breakers

You might not have considered installing wind screens or wind breakers for your courts, but they can definitely help to make play more comfortable on windy days. They can also provide shade if they are positioned correctly and give you some additional privacy from the neighbours. You can purchase them by the roll or metre, even opt for custom made wind screens or breakers.

Ball machines

For the days when you want to practice on your own, why not treat yourself to a ball machine? You can spend an idle few hours practicing your return, changing the spin and speed of the balls to ramp up your game. You can also purchase covers for these machines to protect them from the weather if stored outside or from dust if stored inside.

Ball collectors

The ultimate addition to a ball machine is a ball collector! These are fabulous if you spend hours practicing your swing and are then faced with collecting all the balls yourself. They are also great after a tennis BBQ when the guests and players are ready to leave, but someone needs to pick up all the balls!

Court maintenance

Don’t forget all the cleaning supplies you need to keep your tennis courts clean and well-maintained. Drinks will be spilt and hot dogs will be dropped, but there’s also litter to be picked up and leaves to be swept away.

You could also consider replacing the court surface with a durable, low maintenance and high performance sports surface, designed specifically for outdoor courts. This will definitely make an impact!

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