Garden Design Ideas For a Relaxing Summer Space

Most people enjoy spending some time outdoors. Some prefer large public recreational spaces such as parks or beaches, while others prefer the intimacy and safety of their gardens. You can easily redesign your garden into a relaxing summer space on a budget.

Firepit and Dining Area

Few things create a relaxing atmosphere as flames dancing in a fire pit. Add a grill and you’re set to have a barbeque with family or close friends. The bonus of a fire is that it brings warmth as the temperatures begin to cool.

Some homeowners have added summer houses to their property which serve as a secondary dining area, complete with cutlery, crockery, glassware, and comfortable seating. If such an outbuilding sounds like something you wish to erect in your garden, there are numerous options to suit every application and budget.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool may be a luxury for many, but it is most certainly an investment in your property, and a great way to cool off. There are professionals that can handle the entire project on your behalf. If space allows, you could add a smaller log cabin structure to your garden to serve as a storage space for pool chemicals and accessories.


One pastime many enjoy is reading a book in the shade of a large tree. Purchasing a bench to place underneath will make for a more comfortable read, or even an open-air nap. Ensure that the material from which the bench is made can withstand the onslaught of the elements. For added comfort, you could invest in removable, canvas-covered cushions that can be easily stored should the rain set in.

Play Area

For those families that have toddlers, installing a sandpit is a great way to keep the little ones entertained while the adults indulge in a delicious alfresco meal. Wooden covers can be manufactured for sandy play areas to prevent them becoming damp.

Erecting a structure such as a jungle gym manufactured from the same timber as your summer house will complete the look, along with supplying your children with hours of fun while you and your friends enjoy a comfortable social get-together.


An integral part of an entertainment space is for it to be hidden from prying eyes. There are inexpensive ways in which this goal can be achieved, for example erecting a reed wall or a trellis, which will later be covered in climbing ivy or fragrant plants like jasmine or rambling roses.

An alternative would be to erect a wall made from cubed glass tiles. These upright structures allow natural light into the area, but because of their cloudy appearance, they are not transparent enough to be seen through.


If you’re going to be entertaining at night, it is advisable to have sufficient, soft lighting around the area. You may want to consider installing an insect-repellent light, or light a citronella candle to keep mosquitoes at bay.

The possibilities are endless; whatever you decide to do in your garden, you’re bound to reap the benefits and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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