Does Cleaning Your Solar Panels Make A Difference?

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive source of energy. While enjoying the benefits of this source of energy, it is prudent to maintain your solar panels. Cleaning solar panels is the most effective way of improving their efficiency.

Why Should You Clean Solar Panels?

Sticky plant and tree sap, dust particles, bird droppings, and lichen can build up in a solar panel. Accumulation of dirt on the surface of a solar panel prevents sunlight from reaching the cells. This results in loss of efficiency and poor system performance, resulting in loss of financial return.

In addition, dirty parts of the panel tend to heat faster than other parts, creating hotspots. Such hotspots can accelerate the rate of deterioration.

Here are the reasons why solar pannel cleanning is essential.

To Stop the Build Up of Dirt and Dust

Natural elements of dirt and dust clouds the solar panel’s surface, obstructing sunlight from reaching the cells. Failure to clean the panels reduces their optimum performance. For that reason, the solar panels operate below the level you projected, thus slashing your energy-saving and financial return goals.

Remove Poop

Owing to where they are positioned, solar panels are prone to the risk of bird droppings. You might think the droppings wash away naturally from rain, but that is not the case. Poop reduces the amount of sunlight reaching the cells, hence minimizing the efficiency of the panels. Therefore, solar pannel maintenance helps increase the output of energy generation.

Benefit from Your Warranty

According to reputable information sources, numerous solar panel manufacturers have made solar pannel care a condition of their warranty. On that account, if your solar panels develop problems and you don’t have proof of regular cleaning, the warranty may not cover the damages.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

After implementing your solar pannel cleaning plan, the results will speak for themselves. Studies show that the use of cleaning services can increase solar efficiency by 10- 30%. A study to measure the importance of solar panel cleaning found that investors who frequently cleaned their panels witnessed 25% more performance compared to investors who didn’t utilize this service.

The study was supported by the World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology, which said that the main contributing factor to the efficiency drop in solar panels is the accumulation of dirt and dust on a panel’s surface. The efficiency of a solar panel can be restored by getting rid of dust. In short, if you want your solar panels to function at maximum efficiency and last longer, keep them clean.

Rain Water Won’t Wash Away Dust and Dirt

Take a perfect example of your car windscreen. Can rain clean it? I guess the answer is No. The same applies to solar panels. In fact, the rainwater contains airborne dust particles that remain on the surface of solar panels once Water evaporates.

Bottom line, cleaning your solar panels goes a long way in increasing their efficiency. If you aren’t sure whether your panels are functioning optimally, peak services are a call away.

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