Doe Heat Treatment Work for Killing Bed Bugs?

While bed bugs seem innocent, they are real buggers. And they do when you are asleep in bed. If you are away from home, they will wait for you back home. To successfully kill bugs, you need more than just professional cleaning and using chemicals. PestPro Thermal bed bug heaters are designed to eliminate the bugs and make your home free of them. Bed bug heat treatment works if you hire an experienced pest control professional to perform the job properly.

The Basics of Bed Bugs

As with sewer rats and cockroaches, bed bugs are well adjusted to survival among humans. However, they can be wiped out and killed, although not easy to do. Bed bugs are not easy to find as they fill the cracks, dark corners, and crevices of your home. Mature females lay up to five eggs at a time to increase their ranks. While you are asleep, bed bugs suck your blood and swell up, usually leaving trails of frass. These seasoned travelers hop into suitcases and onto clothing, hitching rides among hotels, homes, and public spaces. When they enter your house, the disperse and get into everything including your clothes, electronic devices, stuffed animals, and books.

How to Defeat Bed Bugs

Despite being hard to hard to find, bed bugs are vulnerable to extreme temperatures and some insecticides. But, because they tend to become resistant to chemicals, successful treatment often involves exposing them to extreme heat.

To perform heat treatment for bed bugs, professionals wheel huge electric heaters into your house and crank up the heat to around 135 degrees F. Also, they may blow in hot air through your ductwork, fed by an outdoor, propane-fueled heater. For localized elimination, pest control experts may also use steam-heat.

Heat treatment for bed bugs works by drying out the bodies of the bugs. Temperatures above 118 degrees F kill them quickly; however, it is important to get every corner of your home to this temperature. This is the reason you cannot just turn up your home thermostat and sweat it out for a while. Heat treatment experts use sensors for monitoring temperatures in every corner of your home. After reaching a fatal temperature, they keep the heat on for at least one hour. While the heat does not damage the majority of your home items, you must remove some things such as oil paintings, meltable plastics, and pets.

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