Dining Décor – 6 Mistakes To Avoid

Style… Comfort… elegance…memorable moments… family time… treats….certainly, a well-designed dining space spells many more things.  Decorating a room that will suit our needs is surely an exciting yet tricky task. The color, the fabric, the style, the elements we choose speak about our personality. When it comes to décor, dining rooms are always overlooked. Though they are less used than bedrooms or living rooms, the dining room should be a serene and comfy place that will let you enjoy your food and family time.

Dining rooms are slightly tricky to furnish. The place should be comfy, functional, and inviting. Certainly, it is essential to give considerable thought and time to planning, designing, and accessorizing the dining space. Several factors need to be considered, and this might sometimes lead to common design mistakes. Many people go on adding items just to fill up space without any planning. Sometimes the budget is a constraint, and this can add to some mistakes.

Let’s look at some of the common mistakes that you can avoid while designing a dining space.

  • Incorrect Measurements –Surely, an oversized table in a small room or a very small table in a spacious room hamper the look and purpose of the dining space. This is one of the most common mistakes seen when it comes to decorating a dining area. Choosing the proper size and shape of the dining table is an important aspect. A circular table can go well in a square room; however, if you have a rectangular room, you can go for a rectangular or oval-shaped table. While selecting a table, it is essential to consider the room’s measurements so that people can sit and eat comfortably and have enough space to move around the table. Having enough space in your dining area will help create a flow. When it comes to shopping items for dining décor, sometimes your eyes might play tricks. It is always better to get the right measurements and stick to those measurements. This will help you figure out furniture items of an acceptable size range and finalize accessories of proper measurements to suit your dining area. You can think about adding chairs/benches depending on the shape and size of your room.
  • Improper lighting: This is another common mistake. A dark dining room surely doesn’t look inviting. A well-furnished room without enough lighting affects mood as well. Depending on the design style you choose for your dining décor, besides matching furniture and accessories, it is essential to choose suitable lighting options to enhance the look and functionality of the dining space. Certainly, lighting is an integral aspect when it comes to furnishing a room. It plays a key role in aesthetics and perception. Make sure that the dining space has proper lighting arrangements. Try to allow more natural light into your dining room. Also, you can add mirrors, creative décor items to brighten up a room naturally. Avoid placing lamps too low. No matter which kind of lamps you select, like wall lamps/ hanging lamps, jewel ceiling lamps, etc., hang them at the proper height from the ceiling. Besides adding a decorative hint, lamps should provide enough light to the area.
  • Uncomfortable Furniture-Surely, the furniture items you select for dining décor should add a decorative hint. However, besides making a style statement, the furniture items must be comfortable for the users. Striking a balance between style and comfort is an important aspect. So, while choosing, think about the finish, design, style, color, and coziness of the seating. Choice of seating surely impacts the overall dining experience. Also, avoid clutter in your dining area. Selected furniture items that will provide enough space to move around and sit comfortably and dine will simply enhance the look and functionality of the area.
  • Miss match – Though matchy-matchy dining sets don’t look good, it is essential to wisely choose colors and patterns of furniture, collectibles, and functional pieces of crockery and glassware. Mismatched items can unpleasantly distract people. Stick to a particular decor pattern/style and be consistent throughout all the elements you choose for the room. Opt for neutral and clean nuances, like grey, beige, white, etc., while selecting curtains for the dining area. While placing frames, mirrors, paintings, and wall accessories, never hang them at the same height. When it comes to selecting a centerpiece for your table, it is essential to think about several factors. Too big/too small/too high centerpiece can hamper the overall look of your dining area. It is true that every single dining table needs one; however, choosing it wisely depending on the size, shape, and theme of your room, the dining table is an important aspect.
  • A rug that’s not quite right- Placing the rug is surely an important aspect. However, getting it right in size is also important. A rug that’s too small can make it difficult to pull out chairs properly. A larger rug adds a luxurious feel and makes it easy to slide out chairs smoothly.
  • Making dining room more formal/traditional- Dining area is just not the arrangement for eating. It should invite people, welcome people to talk, express, and enjoy treats. Depending on the personality of your family, you can design the dining space. If your family lingers around the dining area for several things like craft, planning sessions, dinner, workstation, etc., then you need to choose the elements accordingly.

To sum up, you are the expert in what you need in your dining area. The best dining space always depicts your interests and personality. You can transform your dining area into a well thought dining paradise. You just need to follow your gut, think about the above-mentioned points, and design a dining space that will make you have memorable moments with your near-dear ones. Think about all the above mistakes discussed above and try to design your dining area that will strike the perfect balance of style and comfort.

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