Choose the Right Mirror Frames& Add Style to Your Bathroom

Mirrors form an integral part of your home décor. They come in stylish designs and classy looks to spruce any part of your home. Nowadays, mirrors are an excellent way of adding glamour to your bath space. Most homeowners fancy sturdy and functional mirrors, and the size, color and frame matter a lot when shopping.

What should you consider when choosing a mirror frame for your bathroom?

 Ever sat in front of a mirror and found yourself admiring the frame? Well, it happens often. Mirror frames are a critical aspect when it comes to bathroom décor. They come in various forms, should hold the mirror in place, and also highlight the background. There are different exquisite designs, and you should choose the best.

First of all, consider face composition. It can be gold, silver, bronze, or wood. Colored metals give your mirror that polished look, while wood proffers a rustic-classy look. If seeking to achieve that creative flair, go for self-adhesive mirror frames, they feature a recess at the back to ease installation.

The color shade is also important. If working with metal frames, go for a shiny finish to make it stand out. A dull finish is also excellent; it will accent the prominent pieces in your bathroom. For wooden frames, choose dark stained shades that contrast with your mirror.

Lastly, pick the style to achieve a final touch. There are various styles, for example, the ornate Victorian-style molding and the simplistic modern box-design. Think about how the choice of colors and materials will blend in with other things in your space to create a coordinated look.

What are the fabulous mirror suggestions for a stylish bathroom?

  • Framed mirrors

These are popular basics for all homes. They come in different styles, and you can always get on to fit your bathroom design and theme. The beauty of these mirrors lies in the frame, for excellent results, choose high-quality frames that are easy to install and compliment your décor.

  • Lighted mirrors

Lighted mirrors are a true definition of style. They are ideal for a contemporary bathroom look and work best in spaces with limited lighting. They come with installed bulbs to light up your room and create a better view of your bathroom.

  • Moving magic

 These are movable, and you can adjust them to fit the right angle. Moving magic mirrors are flexible, and you can move them with ease. That’s not all! You can place them in any part of your bathroom, and your kids can also use them with ease.

 Moving magic mirrors are favorite among many, and this is because you can move the mirror to achieve a complete view of your dress or body part. They come in varied designs to fit different types of bathroom décor.

  • Hanging reflections

These are more traditional, and you can hang them at any part of your bath space. They come in different shapes and designs and are ideal for more compact spaces.

The bottom line

Mirrors are great additions to your bathroom. They create that distinct stylish look and the illusion of space. Choose high-quality mirrors, and pay attention to the frame. For excellent results, opt for self-adhesive frames, and worry less about installation.

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