How to make your House Look Fresh & Beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty of your home can be enhanced by simply including of Indoor plantsThese Indoor plants bring down indoor air pollution by 86% which is every significant way to add positive energy in your home. Decorating your house at minimum cost, is possible by throwing a few potted indoor plants within the living space.

Tips to include Indoor plants in your living spaces are as follows:-

  • Select easy to manage indoor plants like, money plants, jade and song of India
  • They should be perennial, green throughout the year
  • They should be shrubs, don’t grow too fast
  • They should require minimum or no sunlight so that you don’t need to shift them
  • Indoor plants are better than plastic plants because they are natural
  • They add color and variety to the decor
  • They can break the monotony of the space

How to choose the right indoor plants for your home or office space?

The best Indoor Plants for your urban home are

  • Mostic Money Plant
  • Jade Plant
  • Song of India
  • Various Cacti
  • Pycus
  • Peace Lily
  • Grape Ivy
  • Evergreen Ferns

Before you buy the Indoor Plant check the following:-

  • Location for the plant – not in the middle of the room like flower vase, rather in corner, where it can have its own space
  • Avoid keeping to many plants in one area of the room as then that corner will not get cleaned
  • Create a watering and manuring schedule for your plants to grow well
  • It is better to give your indoor plants sunlight once in 15 days for few hours
  • Avoid thick foliage plants indoor
  • Rotate the plants once week to clear the negative energy

So what are you waiting for just check Root Bridges to buy plants online for every budget. What’s more they hand- picked and nurtured with best natural materials.

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