Building An Aviary In Your Home To Keep Birds

Many people love birds and the beautiful colours of the plumages and the songs they sing. There are many different types of birds you can keep in your home, and you can keep one species or keep multiple ones that are happy to live together. Some popular birds you can keep in an aviary include:

  • Budgies
  • Finches
  • Canaries
  • Doves
  • Lovebirds
  • Chinese Painted Quails

You will need to decide what type of bird or species of birds you will keep in your aviary and then start planning accordingly. You will need to educate yourself on keeping the birds fit and healthy, to allow them to live happy lives, and get everything you need to keep them safe.

Getting An Aviary For Your Garden

You will need to decide how many bords you will keep in your aviary, so you know how big it needs to be. You need to ensure plenty of room for the birds to fly about, somewhere for them to roost, and somewhere they can build a nest to keep them happy. There are various types of aviaries you can buy, and you can also make one yourself if you prefer and have some DIY skills. It is relatively simple to build a wooden aviary, and you can get everything you need at your local DIY store. However, you must ensure that the aviary is secure to prevent the birds from escaping and predators from getting in.

The Best Place To Put Your Aviary?

You will need to select the best place in your garden to put your aviary and ensure your birds will be comfortable and protected from the elements. If possible, you will want to have it facing south, so the birds get plenty of daylight, but you also need to ensure they do not get too warm. They will also need protection from the rain and the wind to live happily, and when the aviary is complete, you will need to furnish it with everything the birds will need.

Fitting Out Your Aviary

Something ideal for putting on the floor of your aviary is builders’ sand, and you will need to swap this out every six months or so to keep the aviary clean and tidy. You will also want to ensure plenty of places for the birds to perch at different heights. You will also need somewhere to put the food and water in the aviary and somewhere for the birds to nest.

Learning How To Keep Birds In Your Aviary

Once you have everything set up and before your new birds arrive, you will want to do your homework and find out how to care for birds living in an aviary. There are plenty of websites with lots of helpful tips and advice to keep your aviary and ensure the birds are healthy, and there are also videos on YouTube you can watch. Learn as much as you can before your birds arrive, and you can help ensure that you can take fantastic care of them when they move into your aviary.

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