Aged Brass Ceiling Fan to Custom Backlight: The Lighting Dos and Don’t of a Bar Redesign

The year before COVID exploded onto the scene, more than 110,000 bars were forced to shut down because they failed to attract paying customers. When it comes to running a successful bar, specialist John Taffer from ‘Bar Rescue’ says you need to have these pieces in place: the right floor plan, the right lighting, great ambiance, skilled and friendly staff, great drinks, good food, and a theme or style that makes sense and fits well into the local area.

Before people drink or eat, they take everything in with their eyes, and within the first five seconds of entering a bar, people already have instant opinions that can make all the difference from running up a $7 bar tab for a single drink, to a $50 bar tab for a few drinks and some food. This means the decor must be ideal for the target demographics, and the lighting must be stylish while also giving off the right level of light for its intended purpose. This article is intended to help bar owners learn about their various options for updating a bar using different types of lighting.

Buy an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan for the main area and the Bathroom

Aged brass is warm, soothing, and it blends in with any decor. If you buy an aged brass ceiling fan in the industrial style to light every 400 square feet, you are increasing the bar’s style and aesthetic appeal, while adding something that’s functional and multi-purpose. The industrial style is hot, and will be for years to come. If your bar has a tired, dated look, buy a few industrial aged brass ceiling fans for the main bar area, and one for each bathroom. Just make sure they are smaller than the traditional ceiling fan size, and based on your ceiling height, you can get them with downrods, or they can be flush to the ceiling.

Get High-Quality Backlight for your Bar Shelves

Studies show that bars sell more drinks when their premium bottles are backlit. Be sure to have a mirror behind youtube shelf bottles to draw further attention to them, and install some chic backlights around the bottle shelf to further draw the eye to the bottles that make the highest profits.

Be Sure to Light Up Your Artwork

One great way to convey the theme of a bar is to hang some trendy art that’s colors or subject matter fits the bar’s brand of theme. However, if people are missing the artwork, then it’s all in vain. Once you get your painting back from a custom frame store in Culver City, or wherever you may be located, you will need to get specialty lighting to install above the painting to light it up so that everyone can not only see it, but appreciate its fine details.

Don’t Use Neon Lights

Neon may have been big in the 80s, but Miami Vice is long gone. Studies show that neon light makes women’s skin look bad, and women try to stay far away from this type of lighting. Since bars that have a steady stream of female customers make the highest profits, do your bottom line a favor and stay away from the neon. Instead, invest in bar lights that give just enough lighting, and that help your patrons sparkle.

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