Why Choose Natural Stone For Your Interior And Exterior Fittings?

Before fitting out or redoing your interior or exterior, you can ask yourself what material to use. If you want to create a stone surface, you have probably noticed that you can find natural stones, reconstituted stones, or imitation stone ceramics. At Vente Pierre Naturelle, we cannot advise you highly enough to opt for natural stone for many reasons. Natural stone, a noble material from nature, also learn What Is Bluestone here.

Natural stones come from natural rocks:

  • Granite is a stone charged with quartz,
  • sandstone is a sedimentary rock resulting from the consolidation of sand,
  • blue stone or travertine are sedimentary limestones,
  • Slate is part of the shale family,
  • basalt is a volcanic rock resulting from cooled magma.

They are, therefore, natural and noble materials that offer an incomparable richness in terms of history, texture, color, hardness, resistance, and aesthetics. Natural stone also has the advantage of being ecological since it blends into its environment and respects it.

A unique aesthetic for your home interiors and exteriors

Natural stone from Cincinnati Stone Center for example offers special aesthetic qualities. Whether looking for authenticity, rusticity, modernity, originality, or luxury, you will be seduced by what each stone releases.

 Natural Stone Terrace And Swimming Pool

Thus, you can use it as tiling and paving for terraces and as a pool area with copings. If you have a swimming pool, creating a beautiful homogeneous space is possible by choosing the same paving for its terrace as its pool copings. This will enlarge the space. On the contrary, you can highlight your swimming pool by visually delimiting the swimming area.

You can create beautiful driveways and garden paths by choosing natural stone pavers. Likewise, stone borders are practical and aesthetic for delimiting spaces (small gardens, trees, etc.). They can even be used as window sills. Japanese steps also allow you to enhance a lawn or garden and walk there easily.

Exterior Facing Stones For Its Walls And Facades

Finally, natural stone is often used for exterior walls, house facades, fence walls, or low walls. Travertine, slate, or quartz are stones particularly used for their facades. They often come meshed, which means there is no concrete on the back, and they are ready to be glued, which makes installation easier. They offer very natural and nuanced colors (beige, ocher, orange, etc.), and they will dress your walls with a lot of character. Durable and resistant, they will age well over time and even improve.

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