A Guide to Choosing Artwork for Your Living Room 

A living room is an integral part of any home. It is where the conversation begins whenever you welcome a visitor. Therefore, you should focus more on making your living room more comfortable for everyone. Having the right wall art in your living room is one way of describing your personality and adding character to your room.  According to Thomas Merton, an American poet and social activist, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

If you are looking forward to having some artwork and fireplace store Sacramento in your living room, you have to search widely. Here are the factors to consider most when choosing wall art for your living room.

1. What position to place the artwork 

Ideally, not every artwork you buy will fit your living room. Before investing your money in an expensive wall art, ensure it suits your living room theme. When you choose the right position for the artwork, you add value to your living room. The painting should not appear like some tucked stuff in a corner.

The artwork you opt for should have the right amount of light and visual accessibility. If you decide to mount the painting on the wall, check if it has the correct orientation or measurements for this position.

2. Size matters 

When choosing the right artwork for your living room, you should consider the size first. A larger painting may occupy a significant part of the wall making your living room look crowded. When you are out to shop for some unique artwork, you should have the wall measurements ready.

Here is a rule of thumb to follow: choose artwork below two-thirds the size of your living room furniture. For wall art, you will hang them above the furniture, which means they should not be larger than the console or sofa.

3. Theme and contrast 

The colors in your artwork should match the living room décor. Look for artwork with complementary tones in them if you want them to fit perfectly in your living room. The piece of artwork you choose should contrast with your living room décor to stand out or complement the color scheme of your décor.

For instance, if your living room dominates with yellow and pink, you may need some art with a low-tone color; red may not be ideal in this case.

4. Choose based on personality 

Your taste and persona should reflect directly on the artwork you choose. Since artwork is a conversation starter, you want to be answering the right questions when you welcome visitors to your living room.

Yes, you expect someone to ask about where you got that specific art and why you went for this one. Therefore, you should have a piece that defines who you are and how you view the world around you. Find artwork that represents your personality and makes your living room comfortable.

Final Thoughts 

Having a piece of artwork hanging somewhere on your living room wall is one way of adding décor to your home. However, when choosing the right artwork, consider feasibility, orientation, personality, color, theme, and message. Art speaks a lot to everyone, and you should pass the right message to your visitors by selecting the right piece of artwork for your living room.

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