9 Things To Think About Before Renovating Your Bathroom

You would expect the renovations done on a fortress to be stressful. You don’t expect that renovating your bathroom can be just as bad, if not worse. You’re going to have to make a bunch of decisions and spend some serious money. So take the time to make sure you’ve thought of everything before starting renovations. Here is everything you should consider before starting this process.

1. Never Assume You’re Thinking the Same As Your Contractor

When working with a contractor, you must make sure you spell out every detail for what you want to be done and make sure you are on the same page. Otherwise, you could end up coming home to find the wrong bathroom has been demolished.

2. It Costs a lot

If you think you can hire a plumber in Oslo to remodel your bathroom for a small fee, you’re in for a surprise. Get ready to fork out some serious money before this is over. While you could make smaller swaps and use less expensive materials, renovating your local park would still probably be cheaper.

3. You Should Rethink a Statement Bathtub

It is tempting to try to make your bathroom more dramatic by adding a freestanding tub. However, this is not a practical choice for people who take more showers, like long soaks, have old houses, hate cleaning, or are short. That said, there are plenty of benefits to sticking with a trusted built-in tub.

4. Good Lighting Takes Planning

Bathrooms tend to be small, dark, and mirrored, demanding that you be strategic when it comes to lighting. The best way to spread light in every corner of your bathroom is a diffuse light towards the middle of your ceiling. If there’s a lot of natural light, you may not need this. In this case, wall sconces can be sufficient.

Another option is ceiling-inset downlights. These should be placed near the wall with your vanity but not directly over light-colored surfaces. Additionally, if you wear heavy makeup, add vertical fluorescent fixtures along the side of your mirror. These are some of the best ways to make your bathroom seem flattering and well-light.

5. Never Forget To Think About Accessible Outlets

You don’t want to finish your renovation and realize that you don’t have any easy-to-access outlets. When you make this mistake, you may end up having to plug your hair dryer into the wall opposite your mirror, where you can’t see what your hair looks like while doing it. Also, it’s tough to charge an electric toothbrush when there’s no outlet near your sink vanity or inside a cabinet. It is also tough to share a bathroom when there is only one outlet on the far side of your vanity. To avoid any of these problems, you need to think about where to place your outlets before you start remodeling.

6. You Only Must Know a Few Basic Types of Tiles

Most contractors will flash an endless stack of tile samples, but you only need to remember a few types. Subway tiles, cement, stone, glass, and porcelain are the only ones hardy enough to last in your damp room and stay timeless. With this in mind, you only have to worry about picking out your favorite color and shape.

7. Your Grout Plays a Major Role In Your Bathroom

In general, the grout in your new bathroom is a small feature that will probably come as an afterthought. However, it is crucial to reinforce structural integrity, compensate for size differences in tiles, and keep water and dirt away from your drywall.

8. There’s a Small Toilet for Your Small Spaces

If your bathroom is small, go for a petite toilet. These come in both floor standing and wall-mounted options and can easily be found with water-conserving features.

9. Don’t Forget To Plan for Storage

A well-functioning bathroom that you can enjoy is all about storage. When drawing up your plans, look for ways to make your storage options integrated. For instance, you may place cabinets inside two studs. After all, you don’t need them to be deep in the bathroom. You can also add a shelf in the shower

If you’re getting ready to do a remodel in your bathroom, be sure to consider all of these things. They can help you plan thoroughly and get the outcome that you want.

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