5 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Area Rug For Your Home’s Living Room

Finding high-quality area rugs for your home’s living room can be a lot easier said than done, and this is mainly because every home is going to need specific requirements fulfilled based upon dimensions and existing décor.

The good news is that we’ve teamed up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source to help us compile this list of 5 tips oriented around finding the perfect living room rugs for your home, so take it from the pros in that these 5 tips will get you one step closer to the area rug of your dreams!

  1. First Consider The Overall Size Of Your Living Room

The very first step towards finding the perfect area rug for your living room is to determine which size and shape will work best within your unique living room. Making these measurements will help you to precisely determine how big of an area rug will work best within your desired space.

These measurements may also help you when it comes to better understanding if you need oval or circular rugs, because these shapes tend to be better for smaller living rooms. Rectangular and square rugs are usually best for larger living rooms where you have more flooring space and furniture that needs to be accounted for.

  1. The Type Of Area Rug

It’s important for all rug shoppers to get a good understanding as to just how vast the entire rug industry is, because there really are an endless amount of rug types that you’ll potentially be able to choose from.

Wool rugs tend to be very versatile and durable, which makes them a popular choice for living rooms. Wool rugs also provide that traditional feel and aesthetic that a lot of homeowners love in their flooring décor.

Modern rugs will provide you with a eco-friendly option that can also be more affordable. Modern rugs are also great for specific types of existing home aesthetics as well.

Shag rugs are good choices for your living room if you think it will get low foot traffic, and if you’re looking for a more comfy ambience.

  1. Color & Design Of Your Living Room

The existing colors permeating throughout your living room are incredibly important to take into consideration as you’re browsing for rug patterns and designs. Vibrantly patterned rugs will do best in rooms that are sparsely decorated, whereas simple-looking rugs will look better in a living room that’s already lively in terms of décor.

The color of your new area rug will also be an incredibly important factor that should require a lot of consideration. Bright colors will give your living room a subsequently brighter appearance, and lighter colors will blend in a little more.

  1. Rug Upkeep & Care

Different types of area rugs will require different types of overall cleaning and upkeep. There are many different area rugs that you simply can’t vacuum and then call it a day.

Thick area rugs will require professional cleaning on about a yearly basis, and other thin area rugs will only need to be cleaned periodically.

  1. Price

The last but certainly not least factor that we’re going to discuss within this article is that cost of your new area rug, because costs will be a big factor for everyone within these types of home improvement investments.

Reach Out To Rug Industry Experts At Rug Source To Get More Information About Living Room Rugs!

The rug industry has changed a lot in recent years, and online outlets have become wildly popular for homeowners everywhere. There are a lot of good outlets to shop within online, and Rug Source just so happens to be one of the best online websites to find high-quality area rugs at affordable prices.

You can speak directly with the industry experts at Rug Source via the link at the top of the page to see how they can help you find your living room’s next area rug!

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