5 Car Smells that Every Home Owner Deals With

Do you have a car in your home? Well, I presume you’re aware of how unpleasant it is to sit in a vehicle with foul odors. There are various types of smells that you can get from your car, and it’s best to know how to eliminate them. Fortunately, the list of products you can use to keep your ride smelling fresh is endless.

Here are examples of common car smells and how to deal with them:

  1. Carpet odors

Examine your car for anything that could be causing the foul smell. Check under the seats and in the glove compartment for moldy fruits, rotting food, or baby bottles. Also, the upholstery carpet traps odors; don’t forget to check it. Clean the car thoroughly, including the mats and seat covers. Usually, kids spill food and drinks and sticks on the seat covers and carpets and result in foul smells. Shampoo and wipe the seats, and vacuum the mats as required.

  1. Smoke smells

If you smoke, always empty the ashtrays. Cigarette smoke can get everywhere, including the vents. To eliminate it, use a car odor eliminator to spray into the vents, hood, and through the intake valve.  That’s not all, though! Smoke leaves behind tar; it’s usually sticky, and you should wipe the interior panels using a vinegar-water solution. If the odor lingers, mix the solution with soap and open the car windows to allow in fresh air.

  1. Mildew smells

Mildew is a common source of unwelcome odors in cars. It only takes one rainstorm, a partially opened window, or a leak to experience this. However, getting rid of mildew smells in your ride is pretty simple. Use a wet or dry vacuum to clear the water from your mats and upholstery. If you suspect some leaks, check around for condensation under the mats and where you store your spare tire.

  1. Air conditioning smells

The air conditioning system is yet another source of mildew smells in cars. In such cases, the sign to look out for is damp mats near the air condition unit. If you suspect that this is the odor source, open the front cover and remove the filter. Scrub using a nylon scrub and to get rid of the mold and dry using a cotton swab.

 Moreover, dry thoroughly and apply an anti-mildew solution or odor absorber. Remember to remove all the car mats air them in the sun to dissipate the smell. Dust pile up in the vents can also cause nasty smells in your car. Vacuum the vents and clean the interior using a water-vinegar solution.

  1. Car sickness smells

In case of a car sick moment in the car, wipe this right away. A deeper clean is also necessary and will help get rid of the smell completely. Once the affected spot dries, use a water-vinegar solution to clean the spot and remove it using a vacuum.

The bottom line

Musty smells are familiar in cars. The best way to alleviate them is by identifying the source of the smell. Clean your car thoroughly and acquire a high-quality chlorine dioxide odor eliminator. Such products are safe, gentle, and highly effective. Also, clean food spills immediately and keep checking the mats for mold and mildew.

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