3 tips to properly take care of a live oak tree

The number of different types of oak tress available in the world will surprise you! There are more than six hundred types of oak trees that are available for growth and each of these types has a different supportive habitat. If you do not want to damage your plantation process, you should learn about the tricks and tips to properly take care of your live oak tree. There is nothing better than having an oak tree in your yard, or in the yard of your loved one. If you have one, you must know the basics to protect it. But here we will discuss some really important tips which will change your overall take and you will start taking care of your tree in a better way. If you are planning to grow tree, you should ensure that you Buy Monterrey Oak from a reputed nursery, and in order to get the best option, you should head towards wild tree providers.

Tips and tricks

Following are the most important tips and tricks which you should follow when you have to take care of an oak tree.

  • If you have purchased a tiny tree, and are planning to grow it in your yard, you must know the fertilizer requirements for it. These fertilizers are used to provide strength and energy to young, unhealthy, and immature oaks. When you get to know the best fertilizers to use, you should know about the timings to fertilize your oak tree. It is best to do that in rainy season as this will ensure that all the nutrients for your tree seep well into the soil and reach to the roots of the tree.
  • Watering tips – Some people think that there is a need to water the oak tree regularly, when there is no such thing! When you have a young tree in your yard, you must not water it more than once a month. Also, do not water in cold months as rain will serve the purpose.
  • Pruning – If you are a true wild garden lover, you must be aware of the pruning process and procedure. This is one of the most hectic things to do, however you might get surprised to know that there is no extensive pruning required for mature oak trees. All you need to do is to clear the dead branches and you are good to go!

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