Canninghill Square : The New World in the Heart of River Valley

If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, shifting it into a stunning, upmarket viewpoint of Singapore from where you can not only conduct business but also impress all the future clients then look no further and continue reading on about the promising Canninghill Square that will change the face of your business pretty soon. Also if you are currently thinking about taking your lifestyle to the next level and live a life that you have only dreamt of, with modern facilities, amenities and comfort, coupled with beauty and science then also you’ve come to the right place. Check out https://www.canninghillsq.com.sg and upgrade your life or your business!

Formally known as Liam court, which is located in the heart of River Valley, developed by City Developments Limited or CDL as well as Capitaland, Canninghill Square City Developments Limited  is the striking, ambitious new development which is the product of 3 major companies teaming up together. Aimed at the redevelopment of Liam court project, they are transforming the place into an integrated development which will be right next to the stunning Singapore River providing a fantastic view of the river and also have convenient transportation systems as it is located extremely conveniently.

This deal that is intelligently proposed by two companies, CDL Hospitality Trusts or CDLHT and Canninghill Square, and so Canninghill Square Former Liang Court is going to be nothing less than iconic for the architectural skyline of Singapore.

  • The location is absolutely brilliant for Canninghill Square River Valley as not only Liam Court is a prime area, but it also has double frontage which is pinned to the face further Singapore River as well as the Fort canning hill, which makes it a place to reckon with once it is done.

The objective of the revamp of cunning Hill square by the City Development Limited is to:

  • Construction of an extremely upmarket development which will be private in nature.
  • This development will be a high ascent property
  • It will have dazzling perspectives on not only the downtown core area but all also along the Singapore River.
  • This integrated development will have various commercial units which will be connected to Clarke Quay
  • The focus here will be to offer all the occupants a comfortable first rate F&B experience
  • Providing the retail outlet at their doorstep directly without the intervention of a 3rd party would also be an objective.

CDL has a reputation of having broad development in creating integrated development which does not only win awards but are turning into architectural masterpieces too.

The aim of this partnership will be to reshaping this property into a significant name in Singapore map, and so, the Canninghill Square Integrated Development plans on making it a focal point of the city which will be along the breath-taking Singapore River for not only local but also international visitors who are awaiting to invest in the country and also home stays for who are thinking of changing in the landscape and bringing a positive improvements into their lifestyle.

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