Why Expert Hunters Buy Dermestid Beetles as Opposed to Boiling Skulls

Commonly known as pests to some people, dermestid beetles are mostly found in the dark corners of many homes, devouring fur, flour, grains, wool, and hair. However, they also devour the flesh of dead animals, making them helpful to museums and universities, especially in the preparations of skulls for display.

Before, skulls needed boiling, but it used to be a messy business, at times loosening suture lines, imparting an oily film to bones, and damaging delicate structures of bones, making them yellow. But the best dermestid beetles help to avoid all these pitfalls.

Dermestid Beetles vs. Boiling Skulls

As a professional hunter, perhaps you’ve heard about the advantages and disadvantages of using both boiling skulls and dermestid beetles. But dermestid beetles come with many benefits when compared to boiling skulls.

Among the major reasons most hunters opt to buy dermestid beetles is because they want to preserve details in honeycomb patterned and fragile bones around the eyes and nose. Plus, dermestid beetles don’t make sensitive and brittle bones to warp or break the way boiling skull does.

Caring for these Beetles

Dermestid beetles don’t need a lot of food. However, they need water frequently. If there is no food, it is advisable to water them every day. You may extend this time to weekly by having access to food.

Another way is to add your beetles to your roach colony once they arrive. You may empty the content in your content into another roach bin or separate them from the frass and then add your roaches.

But make sure to control their population and take action when they decrease in number. Don’t do anything if their population is okay. Some of the things you will need to achieve this may include the following:

  • Darkness – Dermestid beetles are mostly comfortable in a dark environment. Be sure to use a heating fixture or reptile heating pad which doesn’t emit light.
  • Temperature – Temperatures between 65°F and 85°F help to keep dermestid active. The temperature shouldn’t go beyond 85°F because more temperatures will make beetles unable to fly.
  • Circulation – Screened lids will allow the circulation of air, preventing mold and, at the same time, keep unwanted bugs out.
  • Substrate – Line the floor of containers with mammal bedding from pet stores and cotton wadding from mattresses.

Why Dermestid Beetles Are More Preferred

The popularity of dermestid beetles has increased tremendously. And because of that, many people, especially hunters, buy dermestid beetles for the following reasons:

1.      Better Results

Dermestid beetles devour most of the fleshy tissues. And when in a colony, they work hard to clean deer or bear skulls within 24 hours.

2.      Less Effort

Chemically stripping or boiling skulls involves posing some danger, including disposal of ingredients and cleanup of cooking vessels. But using beetles doesn’t require cleanup. All they need is routine maintenance of the roach colony.

The Takeaway!

The internet has a lot of information. So consider taking what is available on the internet and following what other individuals are telling you with a grain of salt. In many cases, the so-called longtime users and experts have no idea, but they have opinions and suppositions.

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