White Cabinets Remain at the Top of Kitchen Wish Lists

White kitchen cabinets are a long-standing trend. White cabinets can make any kitchen brighter and more cheerful, from the simple Shaker cabinets in the 50s and 60s to the elaborate designs of the 60s and 70s, to the modern white metal cabinets.

If you do some research on kitchen cabinets and decor, you will see that white is a top choice for homeowners who are renovating or building a new one. It doesn’t matter if it’s bright or dark, white is a popular choice. Here’s why!

They make your kitchen appear larger

White kitchen cabinets can make a small kitchen seem larger, even if it has fewer cabinets and appliances. Ask any homeowner about their white cabinets. They’ll talk about how they make the space feel spacious and airy.

Although white cabinets won’t make your space larger, they can make it appear bigger. It’s an optical illusion. Contrarily, dark colors can be associated with enclosed spaces. A kitchen with dark cabinets may appear smaller than it is. If you are looking for a spacious kitchen, think about a white option as you consider your remodeling plans.

They brighten up your kitchen

Even in kitchens with limited natural light, white kitchen cabinets can make a room appear lighter and brighter. This is because white can reflect a lot of light, while other colors, such as black, reflect very little light. White has a 100% Light Reflectance Value. It doesn’t get much brighter than this!

White is a great way to brighten up a small kitchen without large windows. You can make it even brighter by adding great artificial lighting!

They make your home look cleaner

White kitchen cabinets don’t look as clean as oak or cherry cabinets. They may show dirt faster than their darker counterparts. White makes us think fresh and clean, which is something we want to associate with our kitchen.

You can keep your cabinets looking clean and fresh if you take care of them. You can also add non-porous quartz countertops to make your kitchen safe for everyone.

There are many decor options

White is versatile! It’s as simple as that. There are many options for decor when white kitchen cabinets are included in a remodeling plan.

You can keep it all white but you also have the option to add some color with interesting countertops or a colorful backsplash. A patterned floor and retro appliancesin vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange, and blue can make your space stand out.

You can use artwork, floral arrangements, or canister sets to add color to the white kitchen. You can make your kitchen as vibrant and colorful as you like or as quiet as you want.

Your look will remain timeless

White kitchen cabinets are still very popular today as they were fifty years ago. Their timeless appeal and elegance are unmatched. They’re a timeless trend that has been in fashion for decades so there is no reason to be concerned about them ever going out of fashion.

This means that you are less likely to remodel your kitchen in a matter of years. However, this may not be true if you choose something more modern and not as traditional as white. The less work it takes to keep your kitchen updated, the more money you will save on remodeling or upkeep.

Mr. We have every style and every color of white and we are eager to show you how a white kitchen can transform your space. We can help you design a kitchen that suits your needs and budget, whether you are just looking to reface your cabinets or want to remodel your entire space. Visit us at www.mrcabinetcare.com for more information.

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