What To Check Before Buying Curtain Singapore Sets

If you are wanting to purchase home window curtain Singapore sets for your home, there are a couple of things you need to consider prior to making your choice.  Window treatments are like the jackets of interior decoration: They’re often the final point you include, yet they can dress a space up or down. Similar to a customized coat can offer a component of elegance or a jean jacket can make a social dress casual, a full drape adds sophistication to a room while an easy Roman shade maintains things structured.

Watch the Textile Weight

Hefty material might be bulky and bumpy when pulled, instead of gathering nicely in consistent folds or pleats; light, floaty textile may end up too formless and cloudlike, as well cloudy to fall appropriately. Try bunching cloth when you are considering it, to see how it takes to tucks. Bear in mind, excellent drapes are lined, to ensure that very stiff brocade that complements the sofa upholstery may be as immovable as moulded plastic by the time you add support, hardware and a hem. Also official drapes need to flow like an evening dress to gracefully mask your windows. You can add some heft to light cloth with lining, although really fragile textile may not be sturdy sufficiently to endure up until you’re ready to alter the design.

Determining curtain dimensions

Measuring the Size

First thing’s first: how long do you desire the drape to be? This isn’t requesting the exact dimension, instead it’s which look you like. Do you want the curtain to drop at the sill, just comb the flooring, or puddle at the floor?


To get an exact dimension, it is best to make use of a wooden leader or a steel tape. Measure the total length of the post using the ruler. You need not count the finials yet account for the overlapping mid-point where you will attract the curtains to shut.

Measure the exact breadth of your ceiling from one wall to the other end, and write it down. If you have cornices, you’ll measure from the within your cornices. This dimension will be your track width.

Do not bother with measuring how much fabric you need; we’ll look after it for you based upon your track breadth.


When purchasing eyelet, you have to gauge the drop of your curtain beginning with the top of the pole. Make sure that the curtain does not fall short at the bottom

Bear in mind to gauge 1 centimetres over the home window sill and 1 centimetres below for a great fit. If you are utilizing floor-sized drapes, measure till 1 cm over the floor to obtain a good and tidy finish.

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